Friday, April 10, 2015

Homemade Porn Videos

Let me first say that I love homemade porn. It's mainly because it's not fake like a lot of professional porn (I hate fakeness). That said, I have some major issues with it. For starters, how can anyone have sex with the television running? Seriously, it is tough getting in the mood when American Idol's in the background, interrupted by commercials for soup or whatever. Have the decency to turn off the damn tv.

The same goes for broadcast radio. No one wants to hear commercials about the I Heart Radio Festival giveaway while you're getting a blowjob. People need to download an internet radio app or something; preferably, one that only plays music with no commercials.

Also, can anyone seriously fuck to rap music? Maybe I'm getting older but the rap music of today is nothing like rap of even 10 years ago. It's like Jugs magazine compared to Playboy. One is classy nudes. The other is a pussy mag pretending to be porn. I'll leave you to figure out whether today's rap is Jugs or Playboy but there's really nothing romantic about fucking to today's rap music. I'm not saying that I don't like today's stuff. Actually, yes I am. It sucks and not in a good way. Just saying.