Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sex Music

Someone asked me a while back if I listen to music while having sex. The answer is yes, I do. The type of music depends on how I want to fuck. It brakes down like this. If I want romance, I go with classical, jazz, r and b, or soft rock. If I want erotic, I go with Enigma or Delirium. Something like that. When I want to do some hardcore fucking, then it's hard rock / heavy metal, electronic or dubstep. I used to go out with someone who only want to have sex listening to hard rock. She said she liked to pretend she was one of those video vixens in the 80s hard rock videos, like Tawney Kitean in the Whitesnake videos (Google those references, kids).

Here's what I absolutely will not listen to during sex: country. I do not find country music sexy in the least. This is not to say that I hate country. I actually like a lot of it. Florida Georgia Line, Taylor Swift, Shania TwainMiranda LambertGarth BrooksJohnny Cash, and Willie Nelson come to mind rather rapidly as music that I love. I just don't want to listen to it while having sex unless I'm back where I grew up and I'm on a farm.

Another thing. Never have the tv on while having sex. First, the light from a tv screen makes your body look weird. Second, there's nothing sexy about commercials playing in the background while having sex unless it's a Victoria's Secret commercial.