Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Story - Never Sleep With an Ex: Part 1

The funny thing about ex girlfriends is that they have a way of popping back up in your life. A while ago, the phone rang.
Can I come over?
Fool. Panther didn't want to deal with her. After all, who wants to deal with an ex? This girl was bisexual. He knew that going into the relationship. It made the relationship fun, to be honest. In the end, though, it was her never wanting to get emotionally close that ended the relationship. Some people are just like that. Yet, here he was saying yes to her coming over.

She showed up at his door. She was about 5'2", petite with olive skin and long black hair. She was very pretty and proportioned perfectly, with breasts that weren't too small but not too large. He gave her a kiss as she walked in. Damn, she wore Chanel. Panther loved Chanel. She asked for a drink. Wine was the order of the day. He had a few bottles from a party he had thrown a few months back. They sat on the couch, pours a couple glasses, and proceeded to talk about old times.

After a few glasses (ok, it was more like a bottle and a half) of wine, the conversation got to the part Panther always hated. Apparently, she had gotten into a fight with her girlfriend and wanted a shoulder to cry on. She started moving towards him. He gave her a hug. Fool.

The next thing he knew there was a hand moving on his cock and it wasn't his hand. His neck was getting kissed and his ear was getting nibbled. What the hell was going on? More importantly, what the hell was he doing? Did he really want to let his guard down and let her back into his life again? Did he want to have her get at his heart only to break it again? NO!!!

He pushed her away and told her it was probably best that she left. Then, she gave Panther that stare. You know the one. That I'm going to fuck the shit out of you stare. In the next 10 seconds, his mind reasoned out the arguments faster than a supercomputer.

Should I let her get near me emotionally?
Should I just fuck the shit out of her and make her regret what she gave up?
Who the fuck cares?

Panther's hunger for her flesh had reached a fever pitch. He lunged at her and kissed her lips. They were full, Angelina Jolie style. He kissed them passionately, remembering how great a kisser she was. After a few minutes, clothes started coming off. First, her shirt and bra. Then his shirt. She slowly kissed his chest, then threw him back down to the couch. She fumbled for his belt and unbuckled his pants. Panther lifted up so he could kick off his sneakers and take off his blue jeans.
She found what she wanted. It was 8", rock hard, throbbing, and ready for her waiting lips. She blew her hot breath on it and slowly took the head into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around. Then, she proceeded to gulp his entire cock into her mouth. She played Panther's manhood like a tactician; expertly stroking, sucking, and licking his shaft, varying the speed. Her tongue started licking his clean shaven balls, her lips gently pulling on them, then releasing them with a smacking sound.

After about 10 minutes of this, Panther was about ready to cum. His body tensed up as he groaned and held her head as he shot a large load into her waiting mouth. She swallowed it all. Good girl, or so he thought.

She moved off of her knees to his lips to kiss him. Suddenly, he tasted his own saltiness emoting from her mouth to his. Dirty girl. She pretended to swallow his cum and instead, fed it to him with her tongue. Naughty girl. He swallowed it while she finally did the same.

You bitch. That deserves some payback.

Panther yanked off her jeans, bent down, and put her legs onto his shoulders. He lifted her up and put her up against the wall. She loved this position, being almost 7 feet off the ground while his tongue worked its magic on her clit; tickling it, alternating between her clit and her pussy lips. Her juices flowed onto his face while she squirmed and moaned as he built up her orgasm. He delighted feeling her leg muscles tighten around his head. Suddenly, they clenched, nearly choking off Panther's air. He gently stuck a finger up her asshole to make her orgasmic wave that much more forceful. She exploded onto his face, screaming and grabbing at him while her body shook from her orgasm. Mission accomplished for now.....