Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Old School Interracial Porn: Ashlyn Gere and Sean Michaels

American pornographic actor Sean Michaels
American pornographic actor Sean Michaels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ashlyn Gere
Ashlyn Gere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I've always had sex with women of my race and also other races. I don't discriminate in life; especially my sex life. I grew up in mainly white towns so if I wanted to have sex, it had to mainly be with white women. Back in the day, having sex outside of your race was considered extremely taboo. Now, it's commonplace.

Porn has had a lot to do with making interracial sex more acceptable. It's also had a lot to do with pushing the many stereotypes about it; specifically, concerning black men. The themes they always push are that black men are extremely aggressive and savage in bed and that they have large cocks. Porn also pushes the myth that white women are having sex with black men because of their race and these myths, not in spite of them. How many times have you seen the woman in an interracial porn video saying things like "I've never been with a black man" or "I want your big, black cock"? It's pretty insulting.

I bring this up because I found the very first interracial porn video I ever saw. I saw it in the 1990s and the video was made sometime in either the 1980s or maybe the very early 90s. It features Ashlyn Gere and Sean Michaels. Note that race is never mentioned in the video. It's just a guy and a girl having sex.

Since Blogger won't allow me to embed or directly link to the web page where I found it, just go to XVideos and put Ashlyn Gere in the search. It's the one titled Vintage Interracial - Sean Michaels Ashlyn Gere.