Sunday, June 21, 2015

Who Are You Really?

Emotions show
Emotions show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Take a good look in the mirror. Be completely honest with yourself. There's no one there. It's just you, your mirror, your emotions, your demons, your truth. Stripped down. Tell me what you see. Who are you, really? What do you stand for? What are your demons, your insecurities, your true fantasies? Deep down, what are your wants and needs?

Now that you've been completely honest with yourself, embrace what you've just figured out. Accept the fact that this is who you are. Don't deny it any longer. Don't be ashamed of it. Society made you hide who you are. Don't let others decide your life any longer.

When I had a good long look in the mirror a long while back, I realized who I was. I'm a pleaser. I love to please women. I'm a freak in bed. I'll do anything to please a woman. I'll get tied up, pegged, spanked, whatever, in order to please her and to be the best fuck that she ever had.

Once I realized this and accepted this about myself, my life became free. I released the shackles that society put upon me. I cast aside all doubt as to who I was and what I wanted out of life before I pass on to the next one.

Some people say that they mature and change. I disagree. Maturing only means conforming to what society want you to be by denying who you truly are and what you truly want out of life, especially women. Society says that you're not supposed to be sexual, that you're not supposed to be able to sleep with whoever you want, that you're not supposed to have sex any way that you want, any position, any devices. Otherwise, you're a slut, a freak, a whore.

I say fuck what society says. If you want to fuck someone, do it. If you want to fuck more than one at the same time, do it. If you want to send naked photos to someone or put them on the internet, do it. This is my blog, my world. There's no judgement here. You are among friends. I'm here to support, to turn on, entice, entertain, inform. Feel free to comment, email, whatever. Be as naughty or as nasty as you want to be. Be who you truly are.