Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I take great pride when I'm having sex. It's basically an ego thing, I realize, but I'm not going to apologize for it. When I'm having sex with you, I want to be the best you've ever had. I want to be that one you think of years from now when you think about the best fucks you've ever had. I want to be the one you think of when you get horny, especially when you're with someone else. I like knowing that I'm the one you're wishing were inside you when whoever you're with thinks it's them turning you on.

I take my pleasure giving you pleasure. I like competing with myself, seeing how many times I can make you cum, how long I can go at it with you, how many positions I can take you. I like seeing how far I can take you, see just how dirty you can get, seeing if you can get past each mental roadblock society and yourself have put in front of you, preventing you from being the true sexual spirit you can become. This is what gets me off. This is what drives me to do what I do. This is what truly drive me to fuck.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Here's something else that won't make any of my books. Enjoy.

I'm a guy who normally likes women around the same age as I am or, at the most, maybe 10 years younger or older. I usually find that the ladies are more experienced and better in bed. Once in a while, though, someone much younger makes an impression to the point where, as a friend of mine likes to say, I just gots ta have it. Such is the case with Emma.

Back a few Halloweens ago, I was at a friend's apartment for a Halloween party, dressed up as Zorro. As I talked to a few of his friends, a girl dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood kept looking at us. One of my friends knew her and invited her over to hang with us.

Emma was a brunette with a seductive personality and voice. As we were introduced, she said "oh, you used to go out with Sarah". Sarah was someone I dated about a year before this. Everyone made conversation for a while, with Emma looking at me as we all spoke; which, to be honest, was beginning to creep me out a little. However, she was too cute for me to get fully creeped out by. Finally, my friends left to go to another party and it was just Emma and myself.

After my friends left, Emma finally told me why she kept staring at me. Sarah and Emma used to work in the same place. "Sarah used to tell me all the time about how you guys were in bed. She said you were wild". Well, that statement explained the constant attention from her. That and she was drunk off of Grey Goose and judging from what happened next, very horny. "I always wondered what you'd be like in bed. Fancy a shag?" With that, she leaned in and looked at me seductively or at least, as seductive as drunken eyes can get at 11:00 at night.

I said "how old are you?". "I'm 24" she replied. "I think you might be a little young". "Are you sure?" she cooed, put her hand on my pants and started stroking my cock through it. "I love older men". Now, at this point, I suppose I should have just left. Emma was pretty drunk, after all but yet again, I just said fuck it, I'm horny and want to get some tonight. A tasty young treat might be just what I need so I called her bluff. "OK, let's go". We grabbed our things, stopped off at the liquor store for some more Grey Goose for her and a bottle of champagne for me, and went back to my place.

Even before we hit my door, we were going at it rough and nasty. Our clothes went flying off as I was trying to get my key into my lock. Once I managed to get us both inside, what was left of our clothes were completely off. Her lips and tongue worked their way down my body, then she got on her knees and worked on my extremely erect cock. Her oral skills were amazing, with her repeatedly deep throating my cock with ease. By the time I was ready to go between her legs, she was wet and ready. She tasted like heaven. She pushed my head into her pussy and ground her hips against me as my tongue penetrated her pussy lips and played with her clit.

After a hurricane tongue fucking, I put Emma on her knees, grabbed her hair, pulled it back, and entered her from behind. I smashed her while continuously spanking her ass. She got on top of me and rode me while grabbing my throat and choking me. We continued through a bunch more positions, tying each other up, throat grabbing, choking, hair pulling, and lots of spanking. An amazing night with an amazing, young, fun, rough loving woman.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Beast Mode

What is beast mode? Well, beast mode may mean a lot of different things for people. Here's what beast mode means to me. My life is ruled by two emotions: passion and lust. I'm passionate about life and living. I'm passionate about women; at least, their bodies and their intellect. Women fascinate me.  Passion and lust usually tie themselves to each other for me. If I'm passionate about being with someone, then I lust after them. I never confuse love with luust, like a lot of people do. They are very different emotions.

When I have sex, it's usually from a passionate, lustful standpoint. However, there are those times when the animal comes out. We're all animals, after all. We all have needs. I'm no different. Sometimes, I just want to fuck. I'm not talking about rape here. That would be wrong on so many different levels. I'm talking about a carnal need to fuck. No emotions other than just a need to cum...hard.

My blood starts boiling. I get sweaty. My cock gets rock hard. My mind goes into automatic. My thrusting becomes automatic. I grunt and groan. I become a dog in heat. My cock throbs more intently. My muscles start to tighten up. I feel jacked. My ego grows to Kardashian levels. That's what I mean by beast mode. It's when the loving stops and the fucking begins.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Things about me.

Here's a list of things about me. I'm sure it'll grow as time goes on.

1. I love amateur porn but don't really like regular porn. Regular porn is just full of too many people faking passion.
2. I love loud, passionate, peel the paint off the walls sex.
3. I fuck erotically. Hence, all of the adventures that you read. Lately, though, I've been fucking like a porn star.
4. I love kinky sex.
5. I love kids but don't have any of my own.
6. I masturbate at least twice a day every day: once when I wake up and once before I go to bed.
7. I love everything about a woman's body.
8. I have lots of stamina. I like my sexual sessions to go all night into the next afternoon if possible.
9. I love art history.
10. I love using toys on a woman.
11. I like sexy but not slutty. I love Victorias Secret but not Fredricks of Hollywood.
12. You are who you fuck so make sure you only fuck people you're proud to be seen with.
13. I love anime.
14. I love my sexual demons. I embrace them passionately.
15. I don't discriminate with the women I sleep with. Color doesn't matter to me. I love variety.
16. Having said that, I do tend to prefer fit women. Athletes, personal trainers, that sort. However, I'll do any sexy woman who lets me.
17. I love phone sex.
18. I love webcam sex.
19. I love cyber sex.
20. I'm not as cool as you think I am. I'm really quite the nerd. Well, half nerd and half workout geek.
21. I've had threesomes with 2 females.
22. I've had threesomes with male and female.
23. I've had a foursome with three females...actually, that was a few times.
24. Some, but not all, of the places I've had sex are:
- the office
- a car; front and back seat, and hood.
- a park
- in a pool
- in a hot tub
- on a boat
- on the subway
- in a cab
- a truck
- a boat
- in a closet at a party
- in the next room with her boyfriend passed out
- in the college dorm shower
- at a gym
- on the 50 yard line on a football field
- on a private jet
- on top of the laundry dryer
25. I've been tied up and I do the tying up.
26. I've been spanked and have done the spanking.
27. I enjoy watching people having sex and having people watch me have sex.
28. I love cumming in a woman's mouth.
29. Business suits with short to medium length skirts on a woman are a complete turn on for me.
30. Women in black pumps drive me wild.
31. I look 15 - 20 years younger than I really am. I was carded right up until I was 40. That's not such a bad thing now but when I was younger, it drove me nuts.
32. I was born in England.
33. I am the son of a nurse and a U.S. military man.
34. I've lived in many countries. We finally settled in America when I was 7.
35. I was bussed to school in America, due to the schools not being fair and equal. That didn't sit well with a lot of white parents and teachers. I was bullied and abused because of it.
36. I attended college for music education.
37. I am very musically inclined. At last count, I could play 10 instruments; only one of which well.
38. I wanted to play drums when I started taking lessons. I was told to play the trumpet instead. It's been my instrument ever since. That was when I was 8 years old.
39. I sang lead in a funk band out of college. It was a past time for me, not a career.
40. I got into club music and DJ equipment at a young age.
41. I like all kinds of music. I even like country and classical music.
42. The one type of music that I'm really beginning to hate, though? Reggaeton.
43. I love video games. I suck at the newer ones, though. Too many buttons. Give me an old school joystick and Dig Dug or Pacman and I'm golden.
44. The 80s were my decade for growing up. I did all of my high school and college during that decade.
45. I think the last decade for great music was the 90s. The last decade has been hip hop, which actually died as an art form back in the 90s. There are exceptions to that. For instance...
46. I like Kanye West; his music, not the man. I think the man's an asshole. Great producer, though.
47. Politically, I'm a moderate. Fiscally, I'm ultra conservative but socially, I'm moderate to liberal.
48. I hate both of the main political parties. One party tries to victimize me while the other party treats me like a victim and acts like they're the only ones who can save me.
49. I used to be a registered Democrat. Now, I'm a registered Independent.
50. These days, I tend to vote third party.
51. I support gay marriage. After all, why should straight people be the only ones who are miserable?
52. I used to love all sports. Somewhere along the line, I got sick of the hype and trash talking. Now, I like all sports but I'm not as passionate as I used to be and I only like my home town teams.
53. Having said that, I LOVE auto racing. Actually, I love the Indy Racing League and Formula One.
54. I hate hipsters with a passion.
55. I like soccer but only MLS. I find European soccer to be downright racist (stay classy, Serbia, England, Italy, and more than a few other countries).
56. I used to like college basketball but now I only watch the team for the college I went to. I do, however, LOVE the NBA mens and WNBA womens basketball.
57. I used to enjoy baseball and football. Now, I won't watch a game. Too much hype.
58. I NEVER watch the Super Bowl nor do I go to any Super Bowl parties. Same reason as #57.
59. I LOVE Olympic sports. I could watch Olympic sports all day, winter and summer.
60. I LOVE cycling.
61. I think I have Eurocentric tendencies, even though I grew up in America. I think this comes from living over in Europe as a young kid.
62. I can never be President but I can be knighted, since I was born in England. My mom would get such a kick out of that if it were to ever happen.
63. I have a younger brother. He's about 6 years younger.
64. I have a very young niece and nephew. I spoil them rotten.
65. I have 2 God sons and 2 God daughters. I spoil them rotten, too.
66. I hate chick flicks.
67. I love action movies.
68. I love Asian action movies / martial arts films.
69. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy but may have had help.
70. I believe James Earl Ray did not act alone.
71. I love political thrillers.
72. I love politics but have been angered by the direction the country's going. I'm talking about the fact that people don't compromise any more. Things have gotten too polarizing and both parties have gone to the extreme. Therefore...
73. I believe there needs to be a strong third party: the Moderate party. It'll never happen, though.
74. I love art.
75. I love museums but the ones in New York are always too crowded to go to.
76. I love Las Vegas but would never live there.
77. I love Los Angeles.
78. I love South Beach.
79. I love Disney World.
80. I love Washington D.C.
81. I love astronomy.
82. I love the space program and space travel.
83. I love science fiction.
84. I hate comic book movies. Most of them are stupid.
85. I hate horror movies. None of them are scary. They're just either gory or torture porn.
86. I put real friendship above all else. That said, I can count my real friends on one hand.
87. I love working out.
88. I love technology.
89. I hate Apple. It goes to that hipster thing.
90. I hate Whole Foods. Same reason as 89.
91. I hate Starbucks. Same reason as 89.
92. I'll never be a vegan. I love meat too much to ever give it up.
93. I love Italian food.
94. I love Chinese food; the real stuff in Chinatown, not that msg crap at the local place down your street.
95. I think too many people in New York think too highly of themselves.
96. I'll never become a New Yorker, no matter how long I live here. There's too much small hill town in me.
97. I've always been fascinated with science.
98. Even though I hate Apple, I have an IPad and an IPod. However, I bought them both when they went on sale for half price after much newer models came out.
99. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. Hasn't been for over a decade.
100. I'm a clothes horse.
101. I love Armani but don't own nearly enough of it.
102. I hate Nike sneakers. They wear out just as quickly as sneakers 75% cheaper.
103. I'm not a miser. I just don't like being overcharged for things when I can wait.
104. I don't chase trends. I can easily wait for things.
105. I haven't gone to see a movie in a theater since Bad Boys 2 came out. I wait for dvd, cable, or Netflix.
106. It costs too much to see a bad movie in New York.
107. I LOVE cars.
108. I HATE electric cars. I can't have a car that doesn't make noise.
109. Those who play chess rule the world. It teaches you to think 5 steps ahead.
110. I love women who wear little to no make up.
111. I LOVE smart women.
112. I love creative women. Actresses, artists, writers, that sort.
113. I like women who are independent.
114. I like women who are low maintenance.
115. I hate gold diggers.
116. I hate fame whores.
117. I hate reality shows with a passion.
118. I like documentaries.
119. My favorite show is a technology and financial show called Bloomberg West.
120. I download podcasts like a boss. They've actually replaced watching tv.
121. I love morning sex.
122. I multitask like it's my job.
123. I hate cock teasers. Life's too short. Teasing with a payoff is good, though. However, teasing but not following through? Sorry but no. I don't play those games.
124. I hate wasting time.
125. I hate snobs.
126. I'm part of that 47% that Mitt Romney was talking about, only I'm not poor and I don't expect or want the government to do anything for me.
127. As far as gambling goes, I like sports betting and blackjack.
128. The most beautiful part of a woman is her smile.
129. I love bicycling but I only go on the bike path on the Hudson River Walkway in New York. Cycle anywhere else and you're taking your life into your own hands.
130. I love photography. I do landscape photography. I'm expanding into portraits and erotic.
131. I need a muse.
132. My brother is the daredevil in the family. He does extreme mountain biking and snowboarding.
133. My sister in law is a corporate bankruptcy lawyer and a partner in a law firm.
134. My brother is an accountant for a big corporation.
135. I seem to be surrounded by either accountants, nurses, or teachers.
136. I have very few dvds but I own a ton of music.
137. My mother is the most beautiful woman I know. I'm blessed to still have her around.
138. I lost my father figure back in 2012.
139. My niece, nephew, and God children are the most important people in my life.
140. I'm a great uncle and God father, if I do say so myself.
141. I love and follow womens sports.
142. I hate fakeness. Fake friends, fake compliments, fake anything.
143. I write poetry.
144. I write songs.
145. I wish I could paint or draw. I should take lessons.
146. I wish I could act. I guess singing and writing music will have to do for talent.
147. My instrument of choice at the moment is bass guitar. I'm trying to pick it up again.
148. After that, I'm going to go back to learning guitar.
149. My brain is wired differently. I have to learn everything about everything. If I don't, my brain starves.
150. I have a slight case of dyslexia. It only shows up when I write (thank you, spell check). Reading is fine.
151. I love studying architecture.
152. My favorite building is the Empire State Building. Always has been; always will be.
153. I was supposed to be in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Sometimes, fate takes a turn.
154. I have a huge Star Wars collection. I haven't added to it in years, though. It's mainly from when I was younger. I'm planning on giving it to my niece and nephew, who will promptly sell it for lots of cash, I'm sure (greedy bastards!!).
155. I hate Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, and other people of wealth who lack compassion.
156. Caffeine is my drug of choice.
158. I love history.
159. I don't smoke or do drugs. I drink socially or during sex and mainly champagne.
160. I don't get drunk. I don't like being around drunk people any more. Plus, my personality doesn't need any chemicals getting in the way of a good time.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Since this won't be in any of my books, I thought I'd share it here. Enjoy.

I was running late after a dinner meeting. I hate meetings. I find them to be complete waste of time unless the food is good. This time, the food wasn't good and neither was the client's proposal. Complete waste of time.

Since the meeting was downtown and the late evening's temperature was pretty warm for a Monday night in early spring, I decided to walk the 20 blocks or so back to the Manhattan apartment. It was nights like this that I was glad that I got the apartment. Perhaps the walk would help me unwind after the stupidity that was the client.

Not only was the proposal not in line with what I wanted but the client's partners were drunk, rude, and hit on the wait staff; both male and female. These were not people I wanted to be in business with.

As I took a side street through Little Italy, I happened upon a small lounge tucked away between a couple of stores. The place was pretty cozy, with wood floors and about 15 tables or so. It had very little electrical light going since it was illuminated by strategically placed candles, as most smaller lounges in Manhattan did. Since it was a Monday night, there were no customers there. This was the perfect spot to just stop, grab a drink, look at the proposal; this time with a less critical eye.

I walked in, took a table near the dark wood stained bar, which conveniently matched the tables and chairs, and put down my laptop bag. From out of the back of the bar stepped the bartender. I quickly looked her over. She was a skinny brunette with shoulder length hair, small but perky breasts, wearing  a black t shirt, black jeans, and what looked like Converse Chuck T sneakers. In short, she looked like a typical East Village resident without the piercings.

I ordered a scotch and soda, then took out my laptop and fired it up while waiting for my drink. The bartender brought my drink over, then went back behind the bar to tend to her duties of cleaning up while I looked over the proposal again. I decided after about 10 minutes that the proposal was weak but I could work with it if some changes were made. I took some notes down to present at the next meeting, then closed up the laptop and slid it back into my bag. I figured I'd enjoy the drink for a few, then continue on my way back to the apartment.

I loosened my tie, then looked around. The bartender kept looking up and away, smiling as she did. Perhaps she was just lonely and looking for attention due to the fact that no one had even come and gone while I was in there. That's why Mondays are called industry nights. It's the one night that people usually do not go out so industry people treat it as a day off.

I noticed the chilled out music playing. I asked the bartender what was playing over the sound system. She smiled and responded that it was a channel off the IHeartRadio app off of her IPod. I decided to strike up a conversation about the music choices on her IPod. The bartender unplugged it from the sound system, brought it over to my table, and sat down.

I suddenly noticed that she was really cute and older than he thought originally. Through the process of the conversation, I found out that her name was Margaux. She was originally from the midwest but came to New York with her boyfriend when she was in her lower 20s. They broke up a few years ago but she decided to stay in the city. She worked Mondays usually because it was a good night to get homework done. She was going to NYU for finance. Very impressive, indeed.

Margaux went back to the bar, brought back the bottle of scotch and two glasses, and poured both of us drinks. Over the course of the next 4 hours, We talked about everything; from politics to business, music, and beyond. Only a couple of customers came in during that time. Margaux went to get them drinks, then came back to the table to continue the conversation.

Margaux and I went through the entire bottle of scotch during that time. With each glass, Margaux and I got physically closer. Our hands started to touch, our conversation more flirtatious. The scotch was working, generating a really good buzz.

I liked where the evening seemed to be going. I was hoping to work off some stress; both work related and sexual. I also knew that I was being used for the night with one trick that always works: free drinks. Usually, it was the male bartenders that were doing it to female customers. This was the first time that a female bartender used that ploy on me. "I usually don't drink with the customers" Margaux said, giggling a buzzed female giggle. I smiled but I knew that was a lie. It was ok. I wasn't going to complain. I liked it. Besides, it's what I wanted.

Soon, it was two AM and time for Margaux to close up. The lounge closed up early on Mondays due to lack of foot traffic. The vast majority of the work had been done before I even stepped into the lounge. Margaux told me that I didn't have to leave. If I wanted to, I could stay after the gate closed and have a couple more drinks. Even though it was extremely late, I was game for that and more.

At 2:00, Margaux put down the outside electronic gate and pulled down the interior shades that kept out the late afternoon sun. Then, Margaux turned and walked over to the table slowly. I knew what was coming and had already stood up next to the table. As I watched her walk, I kicked off my shoes, took off my suit jacket and started undoing my shirt buttons.

By the time my buttons were halfway undone, Margaux was already upon me. She took my hands off of the shirt, replacing them with her own. She looked up at me, smiled as I smiled, giggled, bit her lower lip, then continued taking off my shirt for me. She slipped the shirt off my shoulders while I stood there looking at me with lustful eyes. The shirt hit the ground around my feet. Margaux caressed my chest muscles and purred a little.

She started breathing heavily, moved in, and started kissing my chest slowly, working up a pattern. From time to time, she looked up at me, smiled, giggled, then went right back to kissing and licking my chest. Margaux's tongue ring started to scrape along my chest. It tingled.

Margaux moved up to my left nipple and started making patterns on it with her tongue. I took my right hand and caressed Margaux's hair. Then, Margaux bit down on the nipple, pulling it with her teeth. I took a sharp breath in, then moaned. "Fuck" I moaned. Margaux chuckled softly and kept playing with my nipple.

After a few minutes of alternating between my nipples, Margaux made her way down my chest to Panther's waist, kissing and licking all the way. Margaux dropped to her knees and started undoing my belt. By this time, my cock was rock solid, thanks to Margaux's teasing. When Margaux pulled down my pants and underwear, my cock sprang out. "Fuck, it's huge" Margaux gasped. "I'm not sure if my mouth can take all of it but I'm gonna have fun trying" and with that, practically inhaled my full 8 inches on the first try.

This woman was well versed in the art of giving a good blow job. Not only did she deep throat my cock all the way, she also tongued my balls while my cock was still fully in her mouth. She pumped her mouth with my cock repeatedly, spitting, kissing, and chewing on it at different points frequently. I tried my best to control myself but found myself enticed by this oral magician. I gave myself over to her completely and shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth.

Margeux drank it all in and swallowed. She giggled, proud of the way she managed to take all of my cock and to get me to cum. It was my turn to return the favor. I pulled her up and took off Margaux's shirt. As I picked her up and put her on top of one of the tables, Margaux said "so, am I a girl you fuck or a girl you keep?". I laughed. I always have women pegged into three categories: those you fuck once or twice, those you fuck a lot of times, and those you keep around. I felt sure she was going to be one to keep around but didn't want to tip my hand to her just yet.

"Let's just say you passed the first audition after that blow job" Panther said as I undid Margaux's belt, pushed her back onto the table and pulled off her shoes and pants. As she lifted up a little so that I could take her panties off easily, she said "baby, I'm going to pass all of the auditions with flying colors". I liked her confidence. "Oh, you think so?" I said. "Well, let's go with a taste test next, shall we?" and with that, bent down, split her legs, and started tonguing her clit.

Margaux put her hands on my head and squeezed it a little, putting a little pressure forward into her. "Take it, baby. Lick it" she said over and over. I tasted her wetness, lapping up her moistness with my tongue and lips. As I went on, I inserted two fingers and played with her pussy while my lips and tongue continued to lick and suck her clit. This drove Margaux crazy.

Then, I abruptly stood up over Margaux and inserted three fingers fully into her pussy. I applied pressure right above her pussy with my thumb. Then I furiously worked my fingers in and out, creating such a vibration that the table felt like it was going to collapse. Margaux started thrashing about uncontrollably, as if possessed by something. She screamed and moaned loudly; not out of pain but from pure pleasure. I kept working her pussy with my hand. Her head bent back and forth. She gasped repeatedly for air.

Suddenly, her body tensed up and shook. I worked my hand faster. Margaux started screaming louder. I began to feel a gusher of moistness cover my hand. I made Margaux squirt as she came hard. I kept going until Margaux finally stopped convulsing. Her body shook as I pulled out my hand. "Give me a minute" Margaux gasped as she tried to collect herself. I wasn't having that.

I grabbed Margaux's legs and put them on my shoulder. "No" I said sternly and slid my cock into Margaux's now soaked pussy. Margaux gasped loudly. "Oh, fuck yeah!!" she screamed as I started going hard in and out of her pussy; fueled by lust, pride for making Margaux cum hard, and also by an over abundance of liquor pumping through my veins at that moment. I worked into a steady rhythm, slamming into her as I stood by the side of the table. After a few minutes, I put my left hand on her throat so that I could hold her steady and to give myself an extra edge while pounding her.

Margaux moaned, screamed, and pulled at my arms for support. I had her, though. There was no way she was going to slide off the table; not while I was working her body. I waned her spent; a collapsing mess of a woman by the time I was through with her. She came a few more times. One was a multi-orgasm that left a puddle by the table. Never have I had a woman who squirted so much. I absolutely loved it. Finally, I shouted "Fuck, I'm cumming!!" and shot another healthy load; this time, right into her pussy. By this time, Margaux was exhausted from cumming so much and took the load with each thrust that I did.

As Margaux laid there, trying to catch her breath, I got up off of her and started grabbing my clothes. "So, did I pass the audition?" Margaux said as I started to pull myself back together. "Oh yeah. Grab your things. We're going back to my place to continue the audition process". They put their clothes back on, cleaned the place up, then locked up fully and headed into the night. This time, instead of continuing my walk home, I grabbed a cab home, with Margaux in tow. Needless to say, I didn't show up to my office the next day.

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Addiction

I've sometimes wondered if I'm a sex addict. I never say no to it. The woman could be younger, older, married, have a boyfriend, or single. It doesn't matter. My moral compass broke years ago so if sex is offered, I always say yes. I've figured all this time it was because I never knew if I would get the opportunity with that particular woman again so why not? I always take advantage of my situation. After all, should sex ever be turned down? I say no. Besides, I really enjoy sex; everything about it.

As time has gone on, though, I've thought my enjoyment for sex has turned into a need for it. Not for love, mind you; just sex. The raw emotion of it. The control. The ego nourishment. I think that's what I now constantly need instead of actual sex. The sex is just my way to obtain all of that, I guess.

Honestly, if I am addicted to sex, I'm ok with that. There are worse things to be addicted to. It's my only main vice. Well, that and a pretty decent blackjack game.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sex Music

Someone asked me a while back if I listen to music while having sex. The answer is yes, I do. The type of music depends on how I want to fuck. It brakes down like this. If I want romance, I go with classical, jazz, r and b, or soft rock. If I want erotic, I go with Enigma or Delirium. Something like that. When I want to do some hardcore fucking, then it's hard rock / heavy metal, electronic or dubstep. I used to go out with someone who only want to have sex listening to hard rock. She said she liked to pretend she was one of those video vixens in the 80s hard rock videos, like Tawney Kitean in the Whitesnake videos (Google those references, kids).

Here's what I absolutely will not listen to during sex: country. I do not find country music sexy in the least. This is not to say that I hate country. I actually like a lot of it. Florida Georgia Line, Taylor Swift, Shania TwainMiranda LambertGarth BrooksJohnny Cash, and Willie Nelson come to mind rather rapidly as music that I love. I just don't want to listen to it while having sex unless I'm back where I grew up and I'm on a farm.

Another thing. Never have the tv on while having sex. First, the light from a tv screen makes your body look weird. Second, there's nothing sexy about commercials playing in the background while having sex unless it's a Victoria's Secret commercial.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Porn Stars

My brain has been going into overdrive lately. Sometimes, I just lay there and let it flow into 50 different tangents. Then, I pick out the best snippets of those thoughts and turn them into business ideas or blog posts. It's sort of like brainstorming but without thinking too hard on one particular idea. It's just how my brain is wired. Creative people tend to function in this way (or weird there really a difference? Ha!).

Anyway, one of these tangents was about porn stars. It got me to thinking: what makes a good porn star? I could say this for both men and women porn stars but I'll keep this conversation strictly on the female ones, since that's just how I roll (no offense to the men out there).

Let's face it, it's easy to have sex on camera (anybody with a webcam will tell you that) and beautiful women are a dime a dozen. I always say that you have to bring more if you want to come to my party. Therefore, what is the difference between a woman who has sex on camera and a woman who turns you on while having sex on camera?

I'll give you an example. Sasha Grey does nothing for me. Sure, she has a nice body. Yes, her ass is round and hot, just the way I like it. Yes, she does all the nasty things I do and like. Yet, she does nothing for me; not in the least. I've nailed it down to this: to me, what makes a bad porn star is that she fakes it and lets you know she's faking it.

How does she do this? She stares at the camera. I've always been into the porn stars who at least look like they're there to have sex with the person they're having sex with and the camera just happens to be there filming. I think that's why the new "glamcore" porn video style, like X-Art, Dane Jones, Blacked, etc, work so well. The second you start looking into the camera, you've broken that level of trust; at least, for me. Some guys get turned on by that. They think the woman's fucking someone else but thinking about them. Yup. Keep thinking that, champ.

I had a conversation with a very famous porn star a while back. It was a great conversation in that there was no sex involved. It was two professionals talking shop. I was struck by her complete honesty. She wasn't trying to keep up the image with me (because when they're on screen, it's really just an image they're mainly projecting, people). I asked her if she's ever actually orgasmed in her videos. She said on extremely few occasions. I asked how a guy could tell. She said that when she cums, she bites her lower lip. The rest of the time, it's just her director telling her when to make noise. It's all just a business but it makes her a ton of money, between videos, her web site, feature dancing, etc. That said, I still wouldn't fuck her because she's also one of those women who use men for money. Her last boyfriend, she fucked until she got him to buy her breast implants. Then, she dumped him for a guy with a bigger wallet. The things you learn in the VIP area sometimes. She went from woman I'd fuck in a heartbeat to woman I would never touch in a heartbeat. I hate gold diggers with a passion; male or female. Such is life.

Anyway, there are some porn stars I like just because they have nice body parts but look pretty bored when they're on camera. I need my porn stars to exhibit passion. Not that ultra fake screaming a lot of porn stars do but passionate screaming. Nina Mercedes is a perfect example of this for me. She's got great breasts with great nipples. I could watch and suck those every minute of every day. However, when she's having sex, she looks like she's thinking about something else, like how many tiles are on the ceiling or what she needs to pick up at the grocery store on the way home. She's anywhere she can be except where she is at that moment, which is fucking someone.

I think this is why I love amateur porn over professional. Sure, a lot of the women who do amateur aren't in shape or aren't as pretty. However, they're at least in the moment and really fucking, not faking it. They're turned on by the fact that they're being watched by complete strangers. What turns you on or off when it comes to porn? Let me know.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Homemade Porn Videos

Let me first say that I love homemade porn. It's mainly because it's not fake like a lot of professional porn (I hate fakeness). That said, I have some major issues with it. For starters, how can anyone have sex with the television running? Seriously, it is tough getting in the mood when American Idol's in the background, interrupted by commercials for soup or whatever. Have the decency to turn off the damn tv.

The same goes for broadcast radio. No one wants to hear commercials about the I Heart Radio Festival giveaway while you're getting a blowjob. People need to download an internet radio app or something; preferably, one that only plays music with no commercials.

Also, can anyone seriously fuck to rap music? Maybe I'm getting older but the rap music of today is nothing like rap of even 10 years ago. It's like Jugs magazine compared to Playboy. One is classy nudes. The other is a pussy mag pretending to be porn. I'll leave you to figure out whether today's rap is Jugs or Playboy but there's really nothing romantic about fucking to today's rap music. I'm not saying that I don't like today's stuff. Actually, yes I am. It sucks and not in a good way. Just saying.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Conferences and Clubs

Someone asked me a while back how I've gotten to sleep with beautiful women. After all, I'm not rich (yet). I'm also not Denzel or "insert latest muscular Black male sex symbol here" although I'm not bad looking. In fact, I'm clean cut, baby faced good looking, if I don't say so myself. The reason for my success is simple, really. It's my job. Rather, it's the perks that come with my job.

I originally worked in the nightclub industry. My old company supplied different facets of product to nightclubs. One of the benefits (or drawbacks for those who hate traveling) was going to conventions and conferences. There were lots of ladies that got stuck going to those things and those ladies tended to be very beautiful, in order to get their mainly male clientele to buy product or services. Those ladies were also lonely and stuck in hotels a lot. Plus, they figured that, to paraphrase the Vegas tag line, what happened at conferences stayed at conferences. They can misbehave, have as much sex as they wanted, and their boyfriends or husbands wouldn't be the wiser. That made for lots of fun and opportunities for me. Since I still go to conferences, those opportunities still exist..

The company that I've created now is expanding the nightclub aspect to include all forms of media and other entertainment. This has lead to another benefit; which is that I either know people who run clubs or I know people who know the guys who run the clubs. That means always getting into vip.

Now, I've never been one who got off on being in vip. Those people who use Twitter have probably seen idiots talking about being at this party with celebs or popping bottles up in that vip with celebs or whoever. I'm never impressed by that. For starters, most of those people who brag about partying with a celeb are only in the same room as that celeb and never even meet that person. Those people are sad and pathetic, as far as I'm concerned. I actually kind of pity them. They're star fuckers. That being said, the women who party in vip are usually hot, drunk, and/or horny and if they're interested, I'm always down.

The standard rule with clubs is that you couldn't do drugs or have sex in them and for the most part, that's true. However, there are more than a few clubs who turn a blind eye to that behavior, especially if a celeb is involved. As many things as I've done in life, the one thing that I have never done and never would do is drugs. I also don't do women who are using drugs. Maybe if they're using ecstasy but that's about it. If they're using coke, meth, heroin or whatever, then no. I don't care how hot they are or how famous they may be. It's just my personal preference and a complete turn off to me. A person's life is their life but if they're coking, I'm not going to do a damn thing with them. I'm not sure why it's the only moral I've managed to have but so be it.

Do I have sex with any celebs? A few. None too famous, though. I suppose I could just sell out a lot of people to TMZ but nah. Celebs are people, too, who are out to have a good time and get freaky. There's no need for the media to find out about these things. Besides, it's not like I'm an angel. I just like to have my fun and if I like to, why couldn't celebs? I give them their space.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to Approach Women

Someone asked me the other day that when I approach a girl in the club, do I have a certain strategy that I go by?  Normally, I don’t approach women in clubs. I usually know the person that the woman is with and I get to know them that way. However, whenever I approach any woman (and I know this is going to be corny but it's true), the only strategy I have is to be myself. Pretending to be what you are not is never a good strategy.

When I was younger, I tried every pick up line and every strategy in the book. They never, ever worked. Quality women see through that shit all the time. In fact, if I could go back in time and meet my younger self, I’d smack him silly. Then, I’d tell him what numbers to play in every big lottery jackpot. 

Don't lie about yourself, either. Eventually, you will be found out. Then, she won't trust you and rightfully so. It's a very small world, whether you've realized this or not, and word travels fast. If you lie to a woman or play games with a woman's heart, it WILL get out and you'll be branded a liar. Then, your chances of getting any will be cut by 90% or more. 

Playing games is never a good thing so I don’t play them. That advice goes for women as well as men. In fact, everything I’m writing here goes for both genders. Being yourself works, unless you’re an idiot and you know it. If that’s the case, lie your ass off and start trying to become a better person. 

One of my basic rules is that if the woman doesn't like you, move on. No definitely means no. You've asked a stupid question once, maybe pressed your luck twice just to be sure she's not playing some "hard to get" game and she still says no to whatever you're looking for? Then absolutely move on. There are plenty of other women out there if you have the patience. Never look or act desperate. You do stupid things or worse when you are. Don't be THAT guy. Quench your thirst elsewhere.

If a woman’s just cock teasing you to get drinks or something materialistic out of you, definitely move on immediately before you go broke. That woman is someone who’s into manipulating, is definitely not trustworthy, and is completely not worth the time. Besides, she thinks that you’re stupid and has zero respect for you so why bother? The good ones don’t need to manipulate. In fact, the only way I'd get with a woman like that is if I know I'm going to get some sex out of it. 9 times out of 10, though, you won't. She's just using you to fund her night out. Move on.

I always like women who know what they want and don’t have to play games. Women know pretty much immediately if they’re going to sleep with you or not; whether they admit it or not. Game playing, by either a man or a woman, should not enter into the equation. If it does, move on. Games are for little kids. Don't be one. Always be childlike; never childish.