Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Another Trip Down Porn Star Memory Lane: Christy Canyon

Christy Canyon, taken at the 2006 FOXE Awards ...
Christy Canyon, taken at the 2006 FOXE Awards in Los Angeles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For the past few posts, I've been going down memory lane visiting the first porn stars who turned me on. For the last stop, I'm visiting the first porn star who nowadays would be called a PAWG (pretty ass white girl). Basically, it's a white girl who was a nice large round ass.

Christy Canyon was big back in the 1980s and 90s. Not only was her ass large and perfect (nice and tight, with not a single ounce of cellulite) but she also had large natural breasts with large nipples. She really loved her porn work. She never looked at the camera and was always passionate. It was almost as if you just happened to be there while she was having sex.

Once she stopped performing, she went on to a successful radio career. For the past decade, she's been host of several adult radio interview shows on Sirius XM radio. She also still runs her own web site. Search her name on any of the free porn sites and she's bound to pop up. She's proof that there can be life after the cameras stop.