Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Take Time to Make Time

This is an offshoot of my rule about taking people for granted. If people are important to you, then take the time to let them know. Don't assume that someone knows how you feel. A lot of people never work on their relationships. They always use the excuse that they're too busy or that the time slipped away. "Why didn't you call or email?" "Sorry, I was busy doing something". Uh huh. You weren't too busy to not make time looking at Facebook, were you? You had plenty of time to look at your Twitter feed for a half hour. Yet, you didn't have time to let someone know that you cared.

Sad, really, what people prioritize in their lives. If you had time to waste on stupid things like being online, then you had time to make the time to send a quick text or email or phone call. Sometimes, that's all someone needs. If you don't do that, then someone like me is going to be inside your woman, filling her needs. Just sayin'.