Friday, July 3, 2015

Porn Star Tales Part 1

English: Cherie (porn star)
English: Cherie (porn star) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Party buddies. Everybody has them. People who you wouldn’t call friends but you have a good time with them when you’re at the clubs. One of mine is a semi famous porn star (no, I haven’t fucked her, for reasons that I’ll explain about in a later blog). We have mutual friends and see each other every now and then.

One night, not too long ago, we were in the vip section of a New York club with a lot of celebrities and, of course, groupies. We obseved this one groupie who purposely walked by a famous married athlete’s table at least 7 times before the athlete finally noticed her and called her over to his table. After about a half hour, we noticed that she disappeared. After looking a little closer, we finally noticed the groupie was under the table giving the athlete a blowjob.

It was at this point that my porn star drinking buddy and I got into a few deep conversations about groupies, the entertainment industry, and the porn star industry. A lot of it I already knew from being in the trenches of the entertainment industry and being privy to a lot of very bad behavior. Some things, though, I had not heard of before.

Groupies can basically be broken down into 4 categories, according to Porn, as I’ll call her from now on. The first type are the girls who like to fuck for ego sake. They love sex and get off on the fact that they’re fucking someone either rich or famous. They like the perks that come along with it but mainly, it’s just because they like fucking famous people so that they can brag about it. You usually find those women on Twitter, talking about popping bottles in clubs, hanging out with this celeb & that athlete. It helps their self worth, I suppose.

The second type are the girls who fuck these guys for the money. This group has 2 subtypes. The first subtype are the girls who fuck for material things. When they fuck, they expect to get paid, either with money (which would technically make them call girls or hookers, depending on your point of view) or with gifts, like expensive clothes, breast implants, injections, trips, whatever. I know of a groupie who got flown out with another groupie to an exotic island to visit a famous rapper who was on tour, just so he could have a 3some with them.

The second and more dangerous subtype are the groupies who look at these guys as welfare checks. They want to get pregnant by these guys so that the famous guy will pay child support. They then might use that money to help take care of the kid. Most times, though, they use it to buy expensive things or to hunt for another famous guy.

The next type of groupie is the type who fucks famous guys for career advancement. These are usually the models, singers,  actresses, and wannabes who think that being seen with a famous guy will help their careers. It usually works. A lot of the time, guys will take advantage of this; hence, the casting couch mentality. I know of a guy who owns one of those model magazines who has a basic way of working. First, he the fucks the models in his magazine a few times. If the girl’s good in bed, that girl gets the magazine cover. If they suck in bed or decide not to put out to this guy, they get bounced and in some cases, blacklisted. I’m sure there will eventually be a lawsuit one day. For now, that’s his game and the ladies have to play it.

The last type of groupie is the type who looks at these guys as life long meal tickets. They want to bed these guys, in hopes that these guys will fall in love with them and marry them; thus, insuring that they’ll be taken care of for the rest of their lives.

Now, I’m not saying that all women who sleep with these guys are like this. I’m not even saying that it’s only women. Lord knows I’ve seen a lot of men who do this with both male and female celebs. Plus, when you think about it, a lot of the blame has to be given to the celeb. They know that there are people out there doing this to them, yet they choose to ignore that fact and have their fun. Whatever floats their boats, I suppose.

I just thought it was funny that Porn broke it down so easily. She oughta know. She’s a self confessed one of these types of women. I won’t tell which one she said she was. You can’t hate the player. Hell, sometimes, you can’t even hate the game.