Sunday, July 5, 2015

Porn Star Tales Part 2

Pornographic actress Gauge.
Pornographic actress Gauge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have a party buddy I'll call Porn. She's not someone I hang out with unless she's at the same club that I'm at. We share mutual friends. The thing is that while I consider her more of an acquaintance than a friend, she's actually a rather interesting person and has lead quite the life.

When we're at the clubs, we'll have great conversations. The first thing she'll always tell you is that it’s a minefield being a porn star. With all the traps to it, it takes a strong person to navigate the industry and make money in it, according to Porn. Porn should know. She’s been at it for a few years and makes a good living at it.

She’s done everything related to the industry. She’s been a feature dancer at strip clubs. She’s been an escort and a call girl (not sure what the difference is). She runs her fan website and makes a lot of money doing those one-on-one cam shows. Actually, she’s made a shitload of money doing all of that. You would be surprised how much money people, both male and female, will pay cam girls sometimes.

She’s also been on the bad, stereotypical side of the industry. She’s had a boyfriend who thought he was her pimp. She’s been physically and sexually abused. She’s fucked many celebs. In fact, when she’s not working, she says she’ll only fuck celebs and rich people. That’s why I won’t even attempt to get with her. She’s done drugs. Actually, she’s done lots of drugs. Another reason why I won’t even attempt to get with her.

She’s seen a lot of celebs behaving badly, as have I. If she ever wrote a book, she could blow the lid off of Hollywood. Some of the guys who she’s fucked are supposedly happily married. She’s been passed around in hotel rooms by players on the same sports team. She’s seen the glamour and the pain. Through it all, she’s actually managed to keep her sanity.

The one thing she says about famous people is that the more successful they get, the more insecure they get, which leads to their bad behavior. I would tend to agree with that. It’s good to remember that when you’re watching awards shows, wishing you were these people. Sometimes, the grass isn’t greener on the other side. I stopped hero worshipping stars a long time ago. People like Porn, who have crawled into the darkest parts of both the porn and entertainment industries,  keep reminding me why.