Sunday, April 12, 2015

Porn Stars

My brain has been going into overdrive lately. Sometimes, I just lay there and let it flow into 50 different tangents. Then, I pick out the best snippets of those thoughts and turn them into business ideas or blog posts. It's sort of like brainstorming but without thinking too hard on one particular idea. It's just how my brain is wired. Creative people tend to function in this way (or weird there really a difference? Ha!).

Anyway, one of these tangents was about porn stars. It got me to thinking: what makes a good porn star? I could say this for both men and women porn stars but I'll keep this conversation strictly on the female ones, since that's just how I roll (no offense to the men out there).

Let's face it, it's easy to have sex on camera (anybody with a webcam will tell you that) and beautiful women are a dime a dozen. I always say that you have to bring more if you want to come to my party. Therefore, what is the difference between a woman who has sex on camera and a woman who turns you on while having sex on camera?

I'll give you an example. Sasha Grey does nothing for me. Sure, she has a nice body. Yes, her ass is round and hot, just the way I like it. Yes, she does all the nasty things I do and like. Yet, she does nothing for me; not in the least. I've nailed it down to this: to me, what makes a bad porn star is that she fakes it and lets you know she's faking it.

How does she do this? She stares at the camera. I've always been into the porn stars who at least look like they're there to have sex with the person they're having sex with and the camera just happens to be there filming. I think that's why the new "glamcore" porn video style, like X-Art, Dane Jones, Blacked, etc, work so well. The second you start looking into the camera, you've broken that level of trust; at least, for me. Some guys get turned on by that. They think the woman's fucking someone else but thinking about them. Yup. Keep thinking that, champ.

I had a conversation with a very famous porn star a while back. It was a great conversation in that there was no sex involved. It was two professionals talking shop. I was struck by her complete honesty. She wasn't trying to keep up the image with me (because when they're on screen, it's really just an image they're mainly projecting, people). I asked her if she's ever actually orgasmed in her videos. She said on extremely few occasions. I asked how a guy could tell. She said that when she cums, she bites her lower lip. The rest of the time, it's just her director telling her when to make noise. It's all just a business but it makes her a ton of money, between videos, her web site, feature dancing, etc. That said, I still wouldn't fuck her because she's also one of those women who use men for money. Her last boyfriend, she fucked until she got him to buy her breast implants. Then, she dumped him for a guy with a bigger wallet. The things you learn in the VIP area sometimes. She went from woman I'd fuck in a heartbeat to woman I would never touch in a heartbeat. I hate gold diggers with a passion; male or female. Such is life.

Anyway, there are some porn stars I like just because they have nice body parts but look pretty bored when they're on camera. I need my porn stars to exhibit passion. Not that ultra fake screaming a lot of porn stars do but passionate screaming. Nina Mercedes is a perfect example of this for me. She's got great breasts with great nipples. I could watch and suck those every minute of every day. However, when she's having sex, she looks like she's thinking about something else, like how many tiles are on the ceiling or what she needs to pick up at the grocery store on the way home. She's anywhere she can be except where she is at that moment, which is fucking someone.

I think this is why I love amateur porn over professional. Sure, a lot of the women who do amateur aren't in shape or aren't as pretty. However, they're at least in the moment and really fucking, not faking it. They're turned on by the fact that they're being watched by complete strangers. What turns you on or off when it comes to porn? Let me know.