Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Conferences and Clubs

Someone asked me a while back how I've gotten to sleep with beautiful women. After all, I'm not rich (yet). I'm also not Denzel or "insert latest muscular Black male sex symbol here" although I'm not bad looking. In fact, I'm clean cut, baby faced good looking, if I don't say so myself. The reason for my success is simple, really. It's my job. Rather, it's the perks that come with my job.

I originally worked in the nightclub industry. My old company supplied different facets of product to nightclubs. One of the benefits (or drawbacks for those who hate traveling) was going to conventions and conferences. There were lots of ladies that got stuck going to those things and those ladies tended to be very beautiful, in order to get their mainly male clientele to buy product or services. Those ladies were also lonely and stuck in hotels a lot. Plus, they figured that, to paraphrase the Vegas tag line, what happened at conferences stayed at conferences. They can misbehave, have as much sex as they wanted, and their boyfriends or husbands wouldn't be the wiser. That made for lots of fun and opportunities for me. Since I still go to conferences, those opportunities still exist..

The company that I've created now is expanding the nightclub aspect to include all forms of media and other entertainment. This has lead to another benefit; which is that I either know people who run clubs or I know people who know the guys who run the clubs. That means always getting into vip.

Now, I've never been one who got off on being in vip. Those people who use Twitter have probably seen idiots talking about being at this party with celebs or popping bottles up in that vip with celebs or whoever. I'm never impressed by that. For starters, most of those people who brag about partying with a celeb are only in the same room as that celeb and never even meet that person. Those people are sad and pathetic, as far as I'm concerned. I actually kind of pity them. They're star fuckers. That being said, the women who party in vip are usually hot, drunk, and/or horny and if they're interested, I'm always down.

The standard rule with clubs is that you couldn't do drugs or have sex in them and for the most part, that's true. However, there are more than a few clubs who turn a blind eye to that behavior, especially if a celeb is involved. As many things as I've done in life, the one thing that I have never done and never would do is drugs. I also don't do women who are using drugs. Maybe if they're using ecstasy but that's about it. If they're using coke, meth, heroin or whatever, then no. I don't care how hot they are or how famous they may be. It's just my personal preference and a complete turn off to me. A person's life is their life but if they're coking, I'm not going to do a damn thing with them. I'm not sure why it's the only moral I've managed to have but so be it.

Do I have sex with any celebs? A few. None too famous, though. I suppose I could just sell out a lot of people to TMZ but nah. Celebs are people, too, who are out to have a good time and get freaky. There's no need for the media to find out about these things. Besides, it's not like I'm an angel. I just like to have my fun and if I like to, why couldn't celebs? I give them their space.

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