Sunday, May 17, 2015

Keep Your Enemies Close But Your Friends Closer

The Godfather
The Godfather (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I know. That advice is backwards from what they taught you in the Godfather (a classic movie, by the way). However, I've always looked at things from this vantage point. It's really hard for me to trust anyone and it's extremely rare for me to call someone a friend. It's been that way since childhood. It might also be the reason why it's easy now for me to dump people out of my life since I never let them make an emotional connection with me to begin with.

It goes double for women. The main reason is because I was gutted over a decade ago by one who I had planned to spend the rest of my life with. Yup, the Panther had his heart broken; via email, no less. The bitch couldn't even tell me to my face. In true karma sense, though, I saw her not too long ago. She's all fat and bloated now. When she walked away, I couldn't stop laughing for at least 5 minutes, thanking God that I dodged that bullet. People were wondering what I was laughing about. They probably thought I was crazy. This being New York, they probably thought I was normal.....ahem, but I digress.

Friend is not a word I use lightly; nor is it a word I toss around like a lot of people do. To me, it carries an enormous weight and responsibility. To me, a friend will not only kill for you but will help you bury the body and take the fall along with you and gladly do it. I think this comes from my military upbringing, where your very life depends on the trust you put in the people around you. Therefore, for me to call you a friend, especially a woman, is an extremely high honor; at least, from the way I see it.

I have tons of people I know but extremely few friends. I can count them on one hand, actually. I'm not including family in this. That all having been said, there is one people who I consider a friend. Perhaps quite shockingly, she's also a woman. This woman, first off, is fit. Of course, she'd have to be to be included into my inner circle. Second, she's smart; a lot smarter than even she lets on. She's not fooling me. I know this for a fact. Third, she's extremely creative. Her artwork is amazing. Every time I look at one of her works, I see something new. I'm also attracted to creative people; be it artists, musicians, or actresses.


Poetic_Butterfly said...

Loving the new format of your writing. I was a fan of your stories and Im looking forward to your book. I agree with you about this post. At the age of 26 I don't have many friends at all and I'm fine with that. People overuse that word just like the word love. I keep people at distance for a reason. Once you get hurt deeply by someone you loved or cared for, you're never the same even if you recover.

Ebony Panther said...

Hey there. Thanks for the compliment. I miss your blogs. They were always a huge turn on and I hope that you'll consider going back to writing them again.

I know what you mean about friendships and relationships. You never go back to ever truly trusting someone once you've been burned. I've never understood those people who have been cheated on, then continue being with that person. In the back of their mind, there's always going to be that doubt. I can't live like that, which explains why I'm still single (happily single, though).

Same with friendships. In my industry, fake friends, leeches, and wannabees surround you. Trying to figure out who's using you and you actually likes you for you is tough. It's true what they say about sinking ships: you always see which rats leave first.

Please feel free to keep in touch.