Sunday, June 14, 2015

Another Man's Girl

I admit it. I enjoy have sex with other guys’ girls. I don’t initiate it but when it’s offered, I indulge. There’s some sort of perverse pleasure of knowing that a woman wants you to fuck her because her man isn’t taking care of business.

The first time I knowingly had sex with another man’s girl was with a woman named Dotty. She used to come into the store a lot. She was a short redhead with a really tight body. Sometimes she was with her man; sometimes, she wasn’t. One time, we struck up a conversation about a movie that had opened up. I asked her if she wanted to go. Surprisingly, she said yes.

We went to the movie, then came back to my place. We sat on the couch and started watching tv. Dotty put her head on my shoulder. That’s when I knew it was time to make my move. I lifted her head up and stared into her eyes. My index finger traced a pattern on her lips. I moved in and gave her a long kiss. She didn’t flinch at all. After a few minutes, I stood up, reached down, picked her up, and carried her to my bed.

I laid her down on the bed and started removing her clothes. When I got to her panties, she whispered “we can’t. I have a boyfriend”. Now, in my brain I’m thinking “well, if your boyfriend were that important, you wouldn’t have gone out tonight and you certainly wouldn’t have let me get you undressed this much”.

I could’ve done the right thing, let her get up, and walk away. Instead, I continued taking off her panties, split her legs apart, and started licking and sucking her clit. Funny how she didn’t worry about having a boyfriend at that point. I kept up my attack on her pussy, licking her pussy lips and sticking 2 fingers into her. I wanted to prep her pussy for my cock. She moaned and thrashed while I worked her like a technician. Her juices flowed as she screamed and bucked her way to an orgasm.

I stood up and took off my clothes. Standing by the edge of the bed, I grabbed her legs, pulled her towards me, split her legs, and grabbed her ass. Lifting her hips, I positioned the head of my throbbing cock next to her pussy lips. Pulling her hips towards me, I guided my cock into her and started moving her hips back and forth on it. The blood rushed to her brain as her body was arched backwards.

She was mine to play with. I didn’t care if her boyfriend ever found out. At that moment, all I knew was that this girl was mine and if I did her right, her pussy would always be mine. Even if I never fucked her again, her pussy would be wet at the very thought of me. She’d always compare her lovers to me, no matter what. My ego took over with those thoughts. My mission was clear: to give her the most erotic fuck of her life.

I fucked her in that position for a while. Then, I stopped momentarily and pulled out of her. I flipped her over onto her stomach, split her legs again, pulled her towards me, lifted her up, and pushed my cock back into her. Her blood was still rushing to her head, since I had her sloped downward yet again.

After feeling her pussy muscles tighten as she came, I went into overdrive. I put her stomach first flat onto the bed, then arched her ass up. Putting one knee onto the bed, I split her legs yet again and guided my cock into her. Arching one of her legs to the side, I grabbed her hair and yanked her head backwards. Using that as my brace, I pumped her hard, with everything I had. Her screams became deafening. Her will was gone. Her body was putty in my hands. My cock imposed its will upon her pussy, making her cum time and time again.

We fucked for a few hours. Then, she had to get home to her man. The next day, I went into work to see a note in my work box. It was from Dotty, saying that the evening was fun but that we could never do what we did again. I figured I’d never see her again. I figured wrong.

About a week after my sexual encounter with Dotty, I was taking care of paperwork in the backroom of my store. The store had just closed for the evening and the other employees had gone. Since the mall at that time closed on Sundays at 5PM, I liked staying a couple of hours so that I could do that week’s paperwork and still be home in plenty of time to do whatever. The store was situated so that my back door lead right to the outside and to the parking lot.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. Nobody ever knocks on that door. “Who is it?” I said. “It’s Dotty. Can I come in?” she said. I opened the door and let her in. “What’s going on?” I asked, thinking about her note that said that we couldn’t be in the same area together. Yet, here she was knocking on my door.

"How did you know I was still here?" I asked. "Oh, I saw your car in the parking lot, walked past the store and saw the lights still on, so I came around the back and took a chance that you were here still" she responded oh so shyly. Made sense to me. "I couldn’t stay away. I mean, the way you made me feel…" she continued. As she spoke, she moved towards me, leaned in and started caressing my chest. "Really?" I said, beginning to rub against her. "How did I make you feel?". "You made me feel so naughty and so good. I couldn’t stop thinking of how good you fucked me. Nobody’s ever fucked me like that before."

I didn’t waste any time. Paperwork could wait. I loved fucking Dotty. She was my first redhead and lived up to everything I heard about how great redheads were in bed. I wasn’t about to pass up a second opportunity. I leaned down, held her, and kissed her. I grabbed her shirt and drew it over her head. Passionately, the rest of our clothes came off.

I lifted Dotty up by her ass and threw her against the back door. I reached down to her pussy. She was soaking wet, ready for me to take her. I thrusted my cock into her already wet pussy, wrapped her legs around my waist, and pumped her like a jackhammer. She felt so good around my cock, like a well fitted glove. She clawed at my back and started moving her hips wildly in time with mine; fucking me with a thirst that needed quenching. After a little while, she dug her nails into my back and held me close. Her legs shook like she was in the middle of an earthquake as her orgasm washed over her for the first time.

By that point in the evening, we had the entire mall to ourselves. I knew from talking to the mall guards regularly that they always left early on Sundays. Also, since nobody was open late Sunday nights, there were no video cameras on inside during the evenings. They only covered the parking lot. That gave me ideas; too many ideas. They say luck is preparation meeting opportunity. I always wanted to fuck in certain places in the mall. Luck was about to play it’s part.

First, I grabbed Dotty and put her on my store counter top, climbed on top of her, and fucked her hard missionary style, until she came again. Then, I opened the storefront gate. We walked a few storefronts down to the food court area. It had a water fountain area with benches that I always wanted to do a woman on top of.

I put Dotty on all fours and leaned her over the bench. Getting behind her, I spread her ass cheeks and worked my cock into her asshole. Her body seized up and she let out a loud scream, then slowly backed her hips towards me. I grabbed her hair, threw her head back, and started pounding her. Thrust after thrust, right there in the middle of the mall. It was amazing. My body never felt so alive. I kept slamming her until she came. Then, I came inside her ass, thrusting each time, pumping more cum inside of her.

We fucked in a few more places in the mall. We decided to meet every Sunday at that time and continue the affair. I fucked her for about a year after that. No strings were ever attached. It was just sex but we had the wildest, most inventive sex imaginable. She was the woman who first brought out the kink and the adventure in me.

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