Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Drink Your Pineapple Juice

Jenna Jameson at the Adult Entertainment Expo ...
Jenna Jameson at the Adult Entertainment Expo 2007, with short blonde hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A while back, Jenna Jameson wrote a book called How to Make Love Like a Pornstar. I'm not a big Jenna fan. There's too much fakeness going on there. Too much fake breasts, lips, surgery everywhere. However, there's one thing about her book that I've sworn by ever since the day I read it.

Jenna spoke about how certain foods make your cum taste good and certain foods that make it taste really bad. For the fellas out there, if your girl's not swallowing, you may want to pay attention. Jenna said that the best thing to either eat or drink is pineapple or a can of pineapple juice. She said that the acid in the pineapple interacts and makes it taste better. Ever since that day, when I know I'm going to have sex, I watch what I eat or drink beforehand and I have a can of pineapple juice. It seems to work from what my ladies tell me. Fellas, you may want to try it.

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Leah said...

I can vouch for that. It works both ways too, and I drink it all the time. I keep fresh pineapple in the fridge and dip in every morning :-D