Sunday, July 12, 2015

Black Fetish

A while back, there was a story that came out about 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Apparently, there's an unauthorized biography about her, in which the biographer claims that Sarah had a one night stand in 1987 with (at that time college) basketball superstar Glen Rice (the story has since been confirmed by Glen Rice).

During the early part of the college basketball season, Alaska hosts a yearly college basketball tournament called the Great Alaskan Shootout. The story went that Sarah had sex with Glen Rice while she was a sports reporter for an Alaskan television station and Glen was playing for the University of Michigan.

I thought about this story not to bash or to make fun of Sarah Palin or any perceived hypocrisy on her part for some of the things she may or may not have said over the years. I thought about this because of a line that I read in the first article that I saw when rereading about this story. The "reporter" supposedly quoted someone who said "Sarah and her sisters had a fetish for Black guys for a while". Either there are more Black guys in Alaska than first thought or the Palin family got their "Black fetish" on during the tournament every year.

That line lead me to recall the times that I have been told over the years that a woman was only sleeping with me because I was Black and that she only wanted to have sex with a Black guy to get it out of her system (this especially happens when I go to Vegas or South Beach). I suppose that women choose me for this because I'm a pretty clean cut guy and that I come from a middle class background and therefore, safe to fuck. That or because of the way media builds up the myth of the Black male as a "thug" lover with the huge cock who will rough White women up (see virtually any interracial porn video).

In America, it goes back to slavery. Slave owners would make the strongest Black men and women breed with each other in order to have stronger Black slaves. White slave owners' wives (and slave owners themselves like Thomas Jefferson) would get turned on by their slaves and have sex with them. Nowadays, there are White married women who will have sex with Black men in front of their husbands (again, see just about any interracial or amateur porn video). I guess they figure that if it's with a Black guy and hubby approves, then it's not cheating.

I will admit to being hypocritical on the matter in that I've used this fact to my advantage a lot and probably will continue to use it. After all, who am I to turn down sex with a beautiful woman, even if it's only to help them live out some fantasy. You want to fuck me because I'm Black and you've never been with a Black guy before? Fine then, we're fucking, so long as I think that you're good looking or sexy. You use me as a check mark on your bucket list, then I use you as a notch on my bedpost.

I will also admit to being rough and thug-like sometimes when I want to be and to not exactly being small when it comes to penis size. However, I love and have all kinds of sex. Sometimes it's rough, sometimes it's kinky and sometimes it's seductive and loving. I've never been with a certain race because I have a "fetish" for them. I'm actually pretty much equal opportunity when it comes to women. I sleep with women in spite of race, not because of it.

However, I've also had women say that they wouldn't sleep with me because they didn't "do" Black guys. That, to me, is the "you can fuck one of them but don't ever marry one of them" mentality. For some people, it's a "rebellious" act to sleep with someone from another race when you're young in order to piss off your parents or whoever (much like smoking, drinking, staying out late) or because the Black fetish (much like bondage) is now the mainstream thing to do.. However, you get it out of your system and fall back to the confines of whatever your social group deems is "acceptable behavior". For some, it's a bucket list item. See different places, try new things, fuck a Black guy. At least, that's what some people think.

There is something about all of this that I wonder about, though. If having sex with Black people is such a turn on, then why don't we see Black people having sex on tv or in the movies more? It's rare that you even see Black people having sex on screen at all. I think the world still has a long way to go when it comes to stupid stereotypes.

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