Friday, July 31, 2015

Embrace Your Demons

English: Return of the jedi logo made from 0 o...
English: Return of the jedi logo made from 0 on photoshopo cs5 EspaƱol: Logo Return of the jedi, hecho desde 0 en photoshop cs5 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"So be it....Jedi" - Emperor Pallpatine, Star Wars Episode VI: the Return of the Jedi

We all have demons. I've shared most of mine with you. I'm a geek who got bullied a lot when I was younger. That tends to drive my decisions throughout my life. There is something that got me over that hump.  It's called no longer giving a fuck.

As you get older, you realize that people will form an opinion of you, regardless of what you do. It may be based on your action, gender, race, whatever. The question is are you going to let their opinions rule you or are you going to rule your own life? When are you going to say "so be it" and get on with your life? Once I figured out that my life was my own, it freed me up.

I no longer run from my insecurities. I embrace them. I let them fuel my fire, not control it.  I feed off of my demons. They make me stronger, more alive. Fear doesn't own me any more. Once you've made that turn in your mindset, you'd be surprised how far you'll go and what you can and are willing to do. So embrace your demons. Don't fight against them. Once you do that, they'll free your soul.

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