Sunday, August 9, 2015

From the Butterfly Chronicles : You Want to be a Bad Girl

I know your thoughts. I see them racing through your mind.  You yearn to be bad. For too long, you've had to be the good girl.  You've been wrapped up in a pretty little package and placed to the side, like a birthday gift.

You've had thoughts lately, though.  Raw, sensual, dirty, sexual thoughts.  Thoughts that need to be acted on. You want to be taken, to take what you want. You want to be fucked, hard and fast. You want to be tied up. You want to tie someone up. You want to be gagged,  to be fucked in public,  with and without someone watching.  You want to choke and to be choked.

Above all,  you want to be free; free to do all those things you know you want to do, free from society's reins. Here in my garden of Eden, you can be. Let me tempt you with my apples and the fruits from my tree of knowledge.  Let me be your Lucifer.

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