Tuesday, August 4, 2015

TMI Tuesday

Courtesy of TMI Tuesday Blog https://tmituesdayblog.wordpress.com:

1. Do you believe in ESP (extrasensory perception)? No. Do you have those abilities? No.
2. Do you laugh when someone tickles you? I'm not ticklish.
3. Do you like teamwork? It's the only way to get the job done.
4. What one thing can you do today to feel you have been productive? Work on this blog. Will you do it? Already on it.
5. Finish this phrase: “Hell hath no fury like … ” Obviously, a woman scorned will be the most popular answer. It's also the most correct.
Bonus: Pick one – Sex:
1. wild or mild wild
2. day or night both
3. top or bottom both
4. weekly or monthly daily
5. noisy or silent noisy
OK, so I only played by the rules for 2 of those last ones. To me, however, rules are merely suggestions. You don't get to be great by playing by society's rules, even with a simple quiz.

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