Friday, April 24, 2015

Beast Mode

What is beast mode? Well, beast mode may mean a lot of different things for people. Here's what beast mode means to me. My life is ruled by two emotions: passion and lust. I'm passionate about life and living. I'm passionate about women; at least, their bodies and their intellect. Women fascinate me.  Passion and lust usually tie themselves to each other for me. If I'm passionate about being with someone, then I lust after them. I never confuse love with luust, like a lot of people do. They are very different emotions.

When I have sex, it's usually from a passionate, lustful standpoint. However, there are those times when the animal comes out. We're all animals, after all. We all have needs. I'm no different. Sometimes, I just want to fuck. I'm not talking about rape here. That would be wrong on so many different levels. I'm talking about a carnal need to fuck. No emotions other than just a need to cum...hard.

My blood starts boiling. I get sweaty. My cock gets rock hard. My mind goes into automatic. My thrusting becomes automatic. I grunt and groan. I become a dog in heat. My cock throbs more intently. My muscles start to tighten up. I feel jacked. My ego grows to Kardashian levels. That's what I mean by beast mode. It's when the loving stops and the fucking begins.

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