Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Things about me.

Here's a list of things about me. I'm sure it'll grow as time goes on.

1. I love amateur porn but don't really like regular porn. Regular porn is just full of too many people faking passion.
2. I love loud, passionate, peel the paint off the walls sex.
3. I fuck erotically. Hence, all of the adventures that you read. Lately, though, I've been fucking like a porn star.
4. I love kinky sex.
5. I love kids but don't have any of my own.
6. I masturbate at least twice a day every day: once when I wake up and once before I go to bed.
7. I love everything about a woman's body.
8. I have lots of stamina. I like my sexual sessions to go all night into the next afternoon if possible.
9. I love art history.
10. I love using toys on a woman.
11. I like sexy but not slutty. I love Victorias Secret but not Fredricks of Hollywood.
12. You are who you fuck so make sure you only fuck people you're proud to be seen with.
13. I love anime.
14. I love my sexual demons. I embrace them passionately.
15. I don't discriminate with the women I sleep with. Color doesn't matter to me. I love variety.
16. Having said that, I do tend to prefer fit women. Athletes, personal trainers, that sort. However, I'll do any sexy woman who lets me.
17. I love phone sex.
18. I love webcam sex.
19. I love cyber sex.
20. I'm not as cool as you think I am. I'm really quite the nerd. Well, half nerd and half workout geek.
21. I've had threesomes with 2 females.
22. I've had threesomes with male and female.
23. I've had a foursome with three females...actually, that was a few times.
24. Some, but not all, of the places I've had sex are:
- the office
- a car; front and back seat, and hood.
- a park
- in a pool
- in a hot tub
- on a boat
- on the subway
- in a cab
- a truck
- a boat
- in a closet at a party
- in the next room with her boyfriend passed out
- in the college dorm shower
- at a gym
- on the 50 yard line on a football field
- on a private jet
- on top of the laundry dryer
25. I've been tied up and I do the tying up.
26. I've been spanked and have done the spanking.
27. I enjoy watching people having sex and having people watch me have sex.
28. I love cumming in a woman's mouth.
29. Business suits with short to medium length skirts on a woman are a complete turn on for me.
30. Women in black pumps drive me wild.
31. I look 15 - 20 years younger than I really am. I was carded right up until I was 40. That's not such a bad thing now but when I was younger, it drove me nuts.
32. I was born in England.
33. I am the son of a nurse and a U.S. military man.
34. I've lived in many countries. We finally settled in America when I was 7.
35. I was bussed to school in America, due to the schools not being fair and equal. That didn't sit well with a lot of white parents and teachers. I was bullied and abused because of it.
36. I attended college for music education.
37. I am very musically inclined. At last count, I could play 10 instruments; only one of which well.
38. I wanted to play drums when I started taking lessons. I was told to play the trumpet instead. It's been my instrument ever since. That was when I was 8 years old.
39. I sang lead in a funk band out of college. It was a past time for me, not a career.
40. I got into club music and DJ equipment at a young age.
41. I like all kinds of music. I even like country and classical music.
42. The one type of music that I'm really beginning to hate, though? Reggaeton.
43. I love video games. I suck at the newer ones, though. Too many buttons. Give me an old school joystick and Dig Dug or Pacman and I'm golden.
44. The 80s were my decade for growing up. I did all of my high school and college during that decade.
45. I think the last decade for great music was the 90s. The last decade has been hip hop, which actually died as an art form back in the 90s. There are exceptions to that. For instance...
46. I like Kanye West; his music, not the man. I think the man's an asshole. Great producer, though.
47. Politically, I'm a moderate. Fiscally, I'm ultra conservative but socially, I'm moderate to liberal.
48. I hate both of the main political parties. One party tries to victimize me while the other party treats me like a victim and acts like they're the only ones who can save me.
49. I used to be a registered Democrat. Now, I'm a registered Independent.
50. These days, I tend to vote third party.
51. I support gay marriage. After all, why should straight people be the only ones who are miserable?
52. I used to love all sports. Somewhere along the line, I got sick of the hype and trash talking. Now, I like all sports but I'm not as passionate as I used to be and I only like my home town teams.
53. Having said that, I LOVE auto racing. Actually, I love the Indy Racing League and Formula One.
54. I hate hipsters with a passion.
55. I like soccer but only MLS. I find European soccer to be downright racist (stay classy, Serbia, England, Italy, and more than a few other countries).
56. I used to like college basketball but now I only watch the team for the college I went to. I do, however, LOVE the NBA mens and WNBA womens basketball.
57. I used to enjoy baseball and football. Now, I won't watch a game. Too much hype.
58. I NEVER watch the Super Bowl nor do I go to any Super Bowl parties. Same reason as #57.
59. I LOVE Olympic sports. I could watch Olympic sports all day, winter and summer.
60. I LOVE cycling.
61. I think I have Eurocentric tendencies, even though I grew up in America. I think this comes from living over in Europe as a young kid.
62. I can never be President but I can be knighted, since I was born in England. My mom would get such a kick out of that if it were to ever happen.
63. I have a younger brother. He's about 6 years younger.
64. I have a very young niece and nephew. I spoil them rotten.
65. I have 2 God sons and 2 God daughters. I spoil them rotten, too.
66. I hate chick flicks.
67. I love action movies.
68. I love Asian action movies / martial arts films.
69. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy but may have had help.
70. I believe James Earl Ray did not act alone.
71. I love political thrillers.
72. I love politics but have been angered by the direction the country's going. I'm talking about the fact that people don't compromise any more. Things have gotten too polarizing and both parties have gone to the extreme. Therefore...
73. I believe there needs to be a strong third party: the Moderate party. It'll never happen, though.
74. I love art.
75. I love museums but the ones in New York are always too crowded to go to.
76. I love Las Vegas but would never live there.
77. I love Los Angeles.
78. I love South Beach.
79. I love Disney World.
80. I love Washington D.C.
81. I love astronomy.
82. I love the space program and space travel.
83. I love science fiction.
84. I hate comic book movies. Most of them are stupid.
85. I hate horror movies. None of them are scary. They're just either gory or torture porn.
86. I put real friendship above all else. That said, I can count my real friends on one hand.
87. I love working out.
88. I love technology.
89. I hate Apple. It goes to that hipster thing.
90. I hate Whole Foods. Same reason as 89.
91. I hate Starbucks. Same reason as 89.
92. I'll never be a vegan. I love meat too much to ever give it up.
93. I love Italian food.
94. I love Chinese food; the real stuff in Chinatown, not that msg crap at the local place down your street.
95. I think too many people in New York think too highly of themselves.
96. I'll never become a New Yorker, no matter how long I live here. There's too much small hill town in me.
97. I've always been fascinated with science.
98. Even though I hate Apple, I have an IPad and an IPod. However, I bought them both when they went on sale for half price after much newer models came out.
99. I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. Hasn't been for over a decade.
100. I'm a clothes horse.
101. I love Armani but don't own nearly enough of it.
102. I hate Nike sneakers. They wear out just as quickly as sneakers 75% cheaper.
103. I'm not a miser. I just don't like being overcharged for things when I can wait.
104. I don't chase trends. I can easily wait for things.
105. I haven't gone to see a movie in a theater since Bad Boys 2 came out. I wait for dvd, cable, or Netflix.
106. It costs too much to see a bad movie in New York.
107. I LOVE cars.
108. I HATE electric cars. I can't have a car that doesn't make noise.
109. Those who play chess rule the world. It teaches you to think 5 steps ahead.
110. I love women who wear little to no make up.
111. I LOVE smart women.
112. I love creative women. Actresses, artists, writers, that sort.
113. I like women who are independent.
114. I like women who are low maintenance.
115. I hate gold diggers.
116. I hate fame whores.
117. I hate reality shows with a passion.
118. I like documentaries.
119. My favorite show is a technology and financial show called Bloomberg West.
120. I download podcasts like a boss. They've actually replaced watching tv.
121. I love morning sex.
122. I multitask like it's my job.
123. I hate cock teasers. Life's too short. Teasing with a payoff is good, though. However, teasing but not following through? Sorry but no. I don't play those games.
124. I hate wasting time.
125. I hate snobs.
126. I'm part of that 47% that Mitt Romney was talking about, only I'm not poor and I don't expect or want the government to do anything for me.
127. As far as gambling goes, I like sports betting and blackjack.
128. The most beautiful part of a woman is her smile.
129. I love bicycling but I only go on the bike path on the Hudson River Walkway in New York. Cycle anywhere else and you're taking your life into your own hands.
130. I love photography. I do landscape photography. I'm expanding into portraits and erotic.
131. I need a muse.
132. My brother is the daredevil in the family. He does extreme mountain biking and snowboarding.
133. My sister in law is a corporate bankruptcy lawyer and a partner in a law firm.
134. My brother is an accountant for a big corporation.
135. I seem to be surrounded by either accountants, nurses, or teachers.
136. I have very few dvds but I own a ton of music.
137. My mother is the most beautiful woman I know. I'm blessed to still have her around.
138. I lost my father figure back in 2012.
139. My niece, nephew, and God children are the most important people in my life.
140. I'm a great uncle and God father, if I do say so myself.
141. I love and follow womens sports.
142. I hate fakeness. Fake friends, fake compliments, fake anything.
143. I write poetry.
144. I write songs.
145. I wish I could paint or draw. I should take lessons.
146. I wish I could act. I guess singing and writing music will have to do for talent.
147. My instrument of choice at the moment is bass guitar. I'm trying to pick it up again.
148. After that, I'm going to go back to learning guitar.
149. My brain is wired differently. I have to learn everything about everything. If I don't, my brain starves.
150. I have a slight case of dyslexia. It only shows up when I write (thank you, spell check). Reading is fine.
151. I love studying architecture.
152. My favorite building is the Empire State Building. Always has been; always will be.
153. I was supposed to be in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Sometimes, fate takes a turn.
154. I have a huge Star Wars collection. I haven't added to it in years, though. It's mainly from when I was younger. I'm planning on giving it to my niece and nephew, who will promptly sell it for lots of cash, I'm sure (greedy bastards!!).
155. I hate Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, and other people of wealth who lack compassion.
156. Caffeine is my drug of choice.
158. I love history.
159. I don't smoke or do drugs. I drink socially or during sex and mainly champagne.
160. I don't get drunk. I don't like being around drunk people any more. Plus, my personality doesn't need any chemicals getting in the way of a good time.

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