Sunday, April 19, 2015


Since this won't be in any of my books, I thought I'd share it here. Enjoy.

I was running late after a dinner meeting. I hate meetings. I find them to be complete waste of time unless the food is good. This time, the food wasn't good and neither was the client's proposal. Complete waste of time.

Since the meeting was downtown and the late evening's temperature was pretty warm for a Monday night in early spring, I decided to walk the 20 blocks or so back to the Manhattan apartment. It was nights like this that I was glad that I got the apartment. Perhaps the walk would help me unwind after the stupidity that was the client.

Not only was the proposal not in line with what I wanted but the client's partners were drunk, rude, and hit on the wait staff; both male and female. These were not people I wanted to be in business with.

As I took a side street through Little Italy, I happened upon a small lounge tucked away between a couple of stores. The place was pretty cozy, with wood floors and about 15 tables or so. It had very little electrical light going since it was illuminated by strategically placed candles, as most smaller lounges in Manhattan did. Since it was a Monday night, there were no customers there. This was the perfect spot to just stop, grab a drink, look at the proposal; this time with a less critical eye.

I walked in, took a table near the dark wood stained bar, which conveniently matched the tables and chairs, and put down my laptop bag. From out of the back of the bar stepped the bartender. I quickly looked her over. She was a skinny brunette with shoulder length hair, small but perky breasts, wearing  a black t shirt, black jeans, and what looked like Converse Chuck T sneakers. In short, she looked like a typical East Village resident without the piercings.

I ordered a scotch and soda, then took out my laptop and fired it up while waiting for my drink. The bartender brought my drink over, then went back behind the bar to tend to her duties of cleaning up while I looked over the proposal again. I decided after about 10 minutes that the proposal was weak but I could work with it if some changes were made. I took some notes down to present at the next meeting, then closed up the laptop and slid it back into my bag. I figured I'd enjoy the drink for a few, then continue on my way back to the apartment.

I loosened my tie, then looked around. The bartender kept looking up and away, smiling as she did. Perhaps she was just lonely and looking for attention due to the fact that no one had even come and gone while I was in there. That's why Mondays are called industry nights. It's the one night that people usually do not go out so industry people treat it as a day off.

I noticed the chilled out music playing. I asked the bartender what was playing over the sound system. She smiled and responded that it was a channel off the IHeartRadio app off of her IPod. I decided to strike up a conversation about the music choices on her IPod. The bartender unplugged it from the sound system, brought it over to my table, and sat down.

I suddenly noticed that she was really cute and older than he thought originally. Through the process of the conversation, I found out that her name was Margaux. She was originally from the midwest but came to New York with her boyfriend when she was in her lower 20s. They broke up a few years ago but she decided to stay in the city. She worked Mondays usually because it was a good night to get homework done. She was going to NYU for finance. Very impressive, indeed.

Margaux went back to the bar, brought back the bottle of scotch and two glasses, and poured both of us drinks. Over the course of the next 4 hours, We talked about everything; from politics to business, music, and beyond. Only a couple of customers came in during that time. Margaux went to get them drinks, then came back to the table to continue the conversation.

Margaux and I went through the entire bottle of scotch during that time. With each glass, Margaux and I got physically closer. Our hands started to touch, our conversation more flirtatious. The scotch was working, generating a really good buzz.

I liked where the evening seemed to be going. I was hoping to work off some stress; both work related and sexual. I also knew that I was being used for the night with one trick that always works: free drinks. Usually, it was the male bartenders that were doing it to female customers. This was the first time that a female bartender used that ploy on me. "I usually don't drink with the customers" Margaux said, giggling a buzzed female giggle. I smiled but I knew that was a lie. It was ok. I wasn't going to complain. I liked it. Besides, it's what I wanted.

Soon, it was two AM and time for Margaux to close up. The lounge closed up early on Mondays due to lack of foot traffic. The vast majority of the work had been done before I even stepped into the lounge. Margaux told me that I didn't have to leave. If I wanted to, I could stay after the gate closed and have a couple more drinks. Even though it was extremely late, I was game for that and more.

At 2:00, Margaux put down the outside electronic gate and pulled down the interior shades that kept out the late afternoon sun. Then, Margaux turned and walked over to the table slowly. I knew what was coming and had already stood up next to the table. As I watched her walk, I kicked off my shoes, took off my suit jacket and started undoing my shirt buttons.

By the time my buttons were halfway undone, Margaux was already upon me. She took my hands off of the shirt, replacing them with her own. She looked up at me, smiled as I smiled, giggled, bit her lower lip, then continued taking off my shirt for me. She slipped the shirt off my shoulders while I stood there looking at me with lustful eyes. The shirt hit the ground around my feet. Margaux caressed my chest muscles and purred a little.

She started breathing heavily, moved in, and started kissing my chest slowly, working up a pattern. From time to time, she looked up at me, smiled, giggled, then went right back to kissing and licking my chest. Margaux's tongue ring started to scrape along my chest. It tingled.

Margaux moved up to my left nipple and started making patterns on it with her tongue. I took my right hand and caressed Margaux's hair. Then, Margaux bit down on the nipple, pulling it with her teeth. I took a sharp breath in, then moaned. "Fuck" I moaned. Margaux chuckled softly and kept playing with my nipple.

After a few minutes of alternating between my nipples, Margaux made her way down my chest to Panther's waist, kissing and licking all the way. Margaux dropped to her knees and started undoing my belt. By this time, my cock was rock solid, thanks to Margaux's teasing. When Margaux pulled down my pants and underwear, my cock sprang out. "Fuck, it's huge" Margaux gasped. "I'm not sure if my mouth can take all of it but I'm gonna have fun trying" and with that, practically inhaled my full 8 inches on the first try.

This woman was well versed in the art of giving a good blow job. Not only did she deep throat my cock all the way, she also tongued my balls while my cock was still fully in her mouth. She pumped her mouth with my cock repeatedly, spitting, kissing, and chewing on it at different points frequently. I tried my best to control myself but found myself enticed by this oral magician. I gave myself over to her completely and shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth.

Margeux drank it all in and swallowed. She giggled, proud of the way she managed to take all of my cock and to get me to cum. It was my turn to return the favor. I pulled her up and took off Margaux's shirt. As I picked her up and put her on top of one of the tables, Margaux said "so, am I a girl you fuck or a girl you keep?". I laughed. I always have women pegged into three categories: those you fuck once or twice, those you fuck a lot of times, and those you keep around. I felt sure she was going to be one to keep around but didn't want to tip my hand to her just yet.

"Let's just say you passed the first audition after that blow job" Panther said as I undid Margaux's belt, pushed her back onto the table and pulled off her shoes and pants. As she lifted up a little so that I could take her panties off easily, she said "baby, I'm going to pass all of the auditions with flying colors". I liked her confidence. "Oh, you think so?" I said. "Well, let's go with a taste test next, shall we?" and with that, bent down, split her legs, and started tonguing her clit.

Margaux put her hands on my head and squeezed it a little, putting a little pressure forward into her. "Take it, baby. Lick it" she said over and over. I tasted her wetness, lapping up her moistness with my tongue and lips. As I went on, I inserted two fingers and played with her pussy while my lips and tongue continued to lick and suck her clit. This drove Margaux crazy.

Then, I abruptly stood up over Margaux and inserted three fingers fully into her pussy. I applied pressure right above her pussy with my thumb. Then I furiously worked my fingers in and out, creating such a vibration that the table felt like it was going to collapse. Margaux started thrashing about uncontrollably, as if possessed by something. She screamed and moaned loudly; not out of pain but from pure pleasure. I kept working her pussy with my hand. Her head bent back and forth. She gasped repeatedly for air.

Suddenly, her body tensed up and shook. I worked my hand faster. Margaux started screaming louder. I began to feel a gusher of moistness cover my hand. I made Margaux squirt as she came hard. I kept going until Margaux finally stopped convulsing. Her body shook as I pulled out my hand. "Give me a minute" Margaux gasped as she tried to collect herself. I wasn't having that.

I grabbed Margaux's legs and put them on my shoulder. "No" I said sternly and slid my cock into Margaux's now soaked pussy. Margaux gasped loudly. "Oh, fuck yeah!!" she screamed as I started going hard in and out of her pussy; fueled by lust, pride for making Margaux cum hard, and also by an over abundance of liquor pumping through my veins at that moment. I worked into a steady rhythm, slamming into her as I stood by the side of the table. After a few minutes, I put my left hand on her throat so that I could hold her steady and to give myself an extra edge while pounding her.

Margaux moaned, screamed, and pulled at my arms for support. I had her, though. There was no way she was going to slide off the table; not while I was working her body. I waned her spent; a collapsing mess of a woman by the time I was through with her. She came a few more times. One was a multi-orgasm that left a puddle by the table. Never have I had a woman who squirted so much. I absolutely loved it. Finally, I shouted "Fuck, I'm cumming!!" and shot another healthy load; this time, right into her pussy. By this time, Margaux was exhausted from cumming so much and took the load with each thrust that I did.

As Margaux laid there, trying to catch her breath, I got up off of her and started grabbing my clothes. "So, did I pass the audition?" Margaux said as I started to pull myself back together. "Oh yeah. Grab your things. We're going back to my place to continue the audition process". They put their clothes back on, cleaned the place up, then locked up fully and headed into the night. This time, instead of continuing my walk home, I grabbed a cab home, with Margaux in tow. Needless to say, I didn't show up to my office the next day.

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