Friday, August 14, 2015

Story - Never Sleep With an Ex: Part 2

....After the ex had come down from her orgasmic wave, Panther lowered her down to the couch, then picked her up and carried her to the bed, kissing her deeply the whole time. He laid her on her back. Then, he brought out two scarves, tied each one to his bedposts and tied the other ends to her wrists. She came here to fuck? Then they were going to fuck and fuck hard, damn it!!

Panther spread her legs, stroked his cock a few times to get it to full staff, and slowly entered her wetness. DAMN!! He forgot what a vice grip her pussy was but it was so good to be in it again. Their eyes locked as he entered her inch by inch. Soft moans escaped from her lips as he went deeper and deeper inside of her. Then, he laid there on top of her, inside of her.

Is this what you wanted?
Do you feel it throbbing inside you?
yes. please fuck me.
Tighten your pussy muscles around it. Choke it with your pussy.

Orders followed. She tightened her vice grip even tighter.

That's a good little bitch. You're still my bitch. Never forget that.
Yes, I'm still your bitch. Fuck me. Fuck me NOW!!!

That's what Panther wanted to hear. All the pain of their past relationship came back. They weren't making love. They were fucking. Raw. Hard. Animalistic. And he went at it. HARD!! He pulled out, then back in and made her feel it. He started increasing the rhythm, driving his cock in and and and out.....

Every time, he heard her moan. Then, the moans turned into screams.

Hit it, daddy!! Hit the spot!! Fuck me harder!! Harder!!!

Harder and harder...Faster and faster....Her hips thrusting to meet his thrusts while her hands struggled to grab, futile in their endeavor because of the bindings that Panther put on them. She was at his mercy and he was going to get what he wanted. He was going to make her cum hard; harder than when he ate her earlier.

Panther didn't have to wait much longer. Her breathing got heavier...her screams got louder...Who cared if the neighbors heard them? Let them enjoy the show. Let them pull down their pants. Let their women play with themselves, wishing they were fucking like rabid dogs.

Suddenly, her legs wrapped themselves around his, her back arched and a scream went out. Her body began to shake uncontrollably. Pay dirt. She rode the wave again. Panther kept thrusting while she let her orgasm take over her body. Then, as she was on the cusp of finishing her wave, he sat up, still inside her, grabbed her hips, and started drilling her hard and fast, making her cum even longer.

As she rode the back end of her wave, Panther decided it was time to let go. He thrusted myself in a few more times and prepared for his release. Should he pull out and cum on her stomach? Should he cum on her breasts? Maybe he should cum on her face and make her lick it off. He decided on another option.

His muscles tensed and with one final thrust and some grunting and screaming, he stayed inside her pussy and let loose a torrent of creamy sweetness. The first thrust went deep. Then, another thrust, another grunt, and more cum flowed. He wanted her to drain his cock. He wanted her to milk him. She obliged. Her pussy drank him in, tightening with each thrust, milking him dry. A final thrust and he was drained of his heavenly goodness. Breathing heavily, sweating profusely, he landed on top of her and rested for a minute.....but he wasn't done. They weren't done...not by a long shot....

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