Sunday, August 16, 2015

Story - Never Sleep With an Ex: Part 3

English: A nipple clamp clamping a man's nipple.
English: A nipple clamp clamping a man's nipple. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After draining his cock inside of her, Panther needed to rest up for a few minutes before going at her again. What to do? What to do? She was still tied to the bed. The least he could do is take advantage. He gave her a deep slow kiss, then started to nibble her neck. When sufficiently done making a snack of her neck, he moved to her breasts. It felt incredible feeling her chest rise against his face while she was trying to catch her breath from her orgasmic high.

Panther start licking and sucking her left nipple. So ripe. His tongue flickered on the tip of her nipple while her body quivered under his tongue's magic. When he was done tasting their combined sweat off of her nipply goodness, he moved to her right nipple and repeated the process.
With her nipples hardened and sensitive, he reached into his bedside drawer and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps...the pair she left from the last time she was in his bed.

I was wondering where those went. You kept them.
Did you use them?
Yes...... without elaborating.
Put them on me.

Panther put the nipple clamps on her. The expression of painful pleasure was priceless. He knew what it was time for next.

He crawled down between her legs and lifted her hips so that her legs were over her head. Her ass was spread and exposed for him to ravage and he did not disappoint. Panther's tongue lovingly rimmed her asshole while his left hand start rubbing her clit. He wanted it prepped for his tongue to take over. His tongue decided to have a mind of its own so while his hand was occupied, it decided to go deep inside her asshole. Both forces awoke the beast inside her. She started squirming and moaning. Panther was in heaven.

Then, Panther's fingers decided to get in on the act. They stopped rubbing her clit and started to spread apart her pussy lips in order to get inside. First one....then the second one....still tight but still accepting. Dare he go for three fingers? Yes, he dared. He stuck three fingers into her waiting and wanting pussy...her moans so loud with pleasure at the entry while his tongue continued its dance on and around her asshole. His hand built up a rhythm...first slow...then faster.....faster...faster...faster...faster...faster....faster....faster.

She struggled to break free of her silk bonds while Panther's hand and tongue, working in perfect unison, guided her body to yet another wave across her emotional void. She violently thrashed her body while exhausting herself from her spasm while he selfishly took satisfaction in his handiwork. By then, his cock was ready for more action. He then did something she liked to do. He untied her and let her take control....

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