Friday, August 21, 2015

Story - Never Sleep With an Ex: Part 4

As Panther reached up to her arms to untie her, she gave him a sly yet satisfied grin. He knew that from here on, it wasn't about her orgasming. It was about her competing with him to see which one of them could out fuck the other. It was animalistic before but he knew it was going to go to a rougher level. That was always the thing about them. They spent too much time competing with each other to ever really love each other. They did love fucking each other, though.

The second he untied her, she flipped him over onto his back and quickly tied his hands to the bedposts. Now, it was her turn to do the damage. She started by biting his nipples HARD. Then, she took the nipple rings off of herself and put them onto his nipples. She positioned her hips above his face and lowered herself onto his waiting mouth.

Eat your cum out of my pussy.

Panther's tongue started darting in and out of her pussy. He started to taste his cum, still fresh inside her, mixing with her juices. She grabbed his head, forcing it further into her until he could barely breath. Then, while he was enjoying the meal that was her wet pussy, she started to grind herself onto his face.

Come on, eat it, you fuckin prick. Get at it. Deeper. Put your tongue deeper. That's it.

Demands turned into grunts. Grunts turned into screams. She reached her left hand back and began stroking his cock. Suddenly, her leg muscles tightened around his head and she started shaking. As she came, she grabbed his head and grinded herself full force on his face. Her body convulsed in orgasmic pleasure while her juices drenched his face.

After a few minutes, she moved off of his face and crawled down to his cock. Positioning herself so that she could face him, she proceeded to suck and lick his balls. Her tongue felt so good on his shaved balls, twirling her tongue around each one, slowing biting them. Then, one of her fingers found his asshole. She slowly pushed it in while still licking his balls and stroking his shaft. It was ecstasy. The entire movement almost made him cum. She had other ideas, though.

She positioned her pussy over his cock, grabbed it, and slowly guided him into herself. She slowly started building up speed, then getting faster and faster. She was riding his blackness up and down; her olive legs rubbing against his cinnamon hips, drilling herself up and down like a jackhammer, trying to break his cock in half.

She wanted to cum on her terms. He let her control the pace. This was her show. She wanted to show that she was the best, that no one could ever ride it like she could. Her hands cupped her breasts while she rode, arching herself backwards so that she could hit her spot. Then, she stopped and laid on top of him; his manhood still inside of her, and started grinding her hips into him furiously, grunting and screaming. Her hands pinned down his wrists as she rode him hard until at last, her juices flowed down his cock. She waited for the earthquake that was her orgasm to subside, then collapsed onto his chests and undid his restraints. She thought they were done. They weren't.

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