Sunday, August 23, 2015

Story - Never Sleep With an Ex: Part 5

In their relationship, it was always about competition. One of them always had to get the last word. It was the same thing with sex. She always had to be the last one in control. She thought this time was the same way. The restraints were off. She was resting on his chest. However, this time, the animal inside of Panther needed to be set loose. He needed to be selfish. He needed to fuck. Hard and fast, without worrying about how she was feeling. She got hers. He needed to get his.

Panther threw her off of his chest.

Get on all fours, bitch.

She had thought inquisitive look that said I thought we were done. Fuck no, they weren't done. She positioned herself in the doggie position.

Head down, ass up.

SMACK!!!! Panther's left hand made contact with her ass. Her ass was tight and firm. She'd been working out. Good. For what his cock is about to do to it, she was going to need for it to be firm. She let out a yelp as he smacked her ass hard again....and again...and again....and again...each one harder than the last. He positioned his cock behind it.

First, Panther needed some more of her wetness. He slid his cock inside her pussy and started grinding. With his right hand, he grabbed her hip. His left thumb positioned itself first on her asshole, then it slid inside. He started going faster and faster....harder and harder. She started moaning and shifting her hips. After a few minutes, she hit pay dirt again and came all over his cock. It was at this time that he knew she was ready for what was next.

Panther pulled out of her pussy. Still in the doggie position, He spread her legs wide. Her asshole was waiting, begging for his cock to enter it, to abuse it. Panther obliged. He slowly slid into her asshole. Damn, tighter than her pussy but oh, so so SO good. He worked it in and out slowly at first. Then, as he built up a rhythm, her hips started grinding into me. He bent forward over her with his left hand sliding its way down to her pussy. He played with her clit with his left hand while his right hand was one her hip, her grinding matching his thrusts into her asshole.

After a few minutes, Panther decided to go hard. He grabbed her hair with his right hand and yanked her head back, with his left hand still playing with her pussy clit. He was fucking her ass furiously, harder and faster than he had already fucked her that night. He wanted to explode inside her. He wanted her to feel every inch of him inside her. He wanted her to remember how good it felt to be fucked by him again. He wanted to ruin her for anybody else who fucked her ever again. He wanted her to think about him fucking her whenever she was with anybody, male or female.

Panther grinded his cock deeper inside her. Her screams of oh God becoming louder and louder. Suddenly, she came hard again. She never came while he fucked her ass before. It felt so good with her asshole muscles working his cock that he grabbed her hips and came. As he kept shooting his last load into her, he kept thrusting into her fast and hard, grunting loudly the whole time. Finally, Panther finished draining his cock inside her goodness. Then, he collapsed on top of her back with her still in the doggie position.

NOW, we're done.

His statement was met with a panting, grunting acknowledgement. Mission accomplished. Satisfaction obtained by both. Back to her girlfriend she went. She knew what they had done. She had cheated on her girlfriend with him. Maybe she expected them to get back together. That would never happen. Panther wouldn't let her back in that way. She was the one who broke his heart. She was the reason why he didn't trust any women any more. That night, he took advantage of a situation; partly for revenge, partly to remind her what she gave up. He had no regrets for what he had done. In fact, it felt damn good. He never claimed to be a saint but he was very, very good at sinning.

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